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Made Simple

by Owen Waters

Award Winner -
Spirituality category, 2011
National Indie Excellence
Book Awards.

You are a spiritual being, living in a material world and secretly
endowed with infinite intelligence and creative power.

You only have to look within, to your true being, to connect with spiritual levels of consciousness. The more familiar you become with these expanded levels of consciousness, the more potential becomes available to you for the creation of a better life and a better world.

Each one of us is part of the all-pervasive consciousness which is behind all of Creation. This all-present, all-aware beingness, this Infinite Being, created the universe to experience itself from all possible perspectives.

You are an expression of Infinite Being, experiencing life from one individual point of view. Just as each snowflake is unique, so is each person. We are the eyes, ears, and hearts of Infinite Being as it experiences life from all possible perspectives.

As self-aware individuals with freewill, we choose our pathways through life. Spirituality is a path which, sooner or later, all individuals will choose because the objective of the human experience is to find the way back to the ultimate state of consciousness from which we originally came.

As expressions of Infinite Being, we
literally have infinite potential.

In the basic stages of human experience we use just 10% of the potential of the brain. Once you move into the spiritual stages of human experience, your potential opens up and your higher abilities begin to flourish.

Intuition, precognition, and healing abilities are all normal attributes of spiritual development. With them, your life becomes more meaningful and you become more equipped, in your own unique way, to make the world a better place.

There are three simple steps to spirituality can transform your life in a very powerful and positive sense. This is a message of spiritual freedom which has the power to bring a special depth of meaning and purpose into people’s lives.

In this deeply insightful book, Spirituality Made Simple, you will also discover...

Answers - finally - to the timeless, classic mysteries;
Who are we?
Why are we here?
What is the meaning of life?

The real secret of creating a new reality, based upon the Universal Law of Creation. Knowing this key, you will have the formula that was powerful enough to create the entire universe!

Whether we are freewill agents or rigidly ruled by destiny. The answer will surprise you.

The future of human evolution. See the pre-encoded map of human development that reveals what tomorrow's world will bring.

The rules of success and fulfilment have changed. Find out how to, not just survive, but thrive in the New Reality.

Reconnect with love at any time. Rise above the 'blues' and be able to bring love back into your life.

Gain intuitive reason. See how gaining direct information makes your decisions and actions more effective than ever before.

Learn the key to effortless action. There is a natural flow to all events; discover how to tune into that flow and see how easy it is to succeed in your actions.

Find the fast track to spiritual development. Awareness of New Reality principles brings you face-to-face with the greatest secret for spiritual growth today.

Learn how to heal the world and make it a better place. Discover that you have the power to heal the world and transform for the better. See how you can personally make a stunning difference to the world in which you live.

Spirituality Made Simple by Owen Waters
is available now as either:

(1) An Amazon Kindle e-book via these links - Amazon.com USA or Amazon sites in Canada, Australia, UK, Brazil, Netherlands, Spain, or

(2) A printed Paperback book (available in English only) via these links - Amazon.com USA or Amazon sites in Canada, UK, Spain.