OM and AUM – Sacred Mantra Secrets

by Owen Waters

Some people pronounce the sacred mantras OM and AUM the same as each other. Actually, the two are quite different and, while OM is a Sanskrit word, the A-U-M mantra is a set of three sounds, not a word.

A-U-M is the Sound of Creation

Advanced mystics throughout the ages have reported that, in the more advanced states of meditation, they hear an etheric sound filling the air. It originates from the Sun and it is a sound that keeps repeating – the sound of A, followed by U, followed by M.

The effects of these components of the Sound of Creation can be defined as follows:

A – Creation, Thought, or Expansion
U – Preservation, Feeling, or Harmony
M – Manifestation, Motion, or Light

The Sun uses this creative trinity to fill our solar system with all levels of the energies required to support life.

The Secret of OM

The sacred mantra OM has a very different meaning.

OM is the original Sanskrit word meaning “I AM.”

It is not used as a declaration of who you are from the perspective of your personality. It is an affirmation of connection with the great “I am” Presence or Infinite Being, which is the ground state of consciousness behind all things.

All Sanskrit words are designed to produce the energy of their meanings. The word OM creates a resonance with the most holy Source of all Creation.

The Creation of Peace Energy

When OM is placed before another word it sanctifies that word. For example, the Sanskrit word SHANTI simply means PEACE.

However, if you place the mantra OM before SHANTI, the meaning changes to a sacred one, that of GREAT PEACE.

In deference to the triune nature of the power of Creation, the traditional mantra for creating Great Peace repeats the key word three times, as:


Repeating this mantra brings great peace within and, as a result, adds more peace energy to the global mind atmosphere.

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