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Spiritual Metaphysics

by Owen Waters

The Missing Manual for Life in This World!

Spiritual Metaphysics is the cumulative result of a lifetime of metaphysical discoveries... since 1963! Some people know their purpose in life from a very early age. With Owen Waters, his purpose has always been about the search for metaphysical answers to the mysteries of life. This extensive collection of discoveries is his magnum opus.

In centuries past, leading pioneers sought new discoveries in science from a spiritual perspective. Today, with science now mainstream and limiting itself to physical matter, the next vital step is about discoveries in higher science with the focus on understanding how the Creation of the world was achieved and, more importantly, what this means to us in our own pursuits in life.

The great advantage of metaphysical discoveries is that others can learn from them quickly and use them to gain an increasingly enlightened understanding of life on earth.

We exist upon a wheel of reincarnation which has an Exit sign right above our heads. We only have to reach upward in understanding and frequency of consciousness to gain entry to the more blissful existence which awaits us all in the next higher stage of human existence.

This book, Spiritual Metaphysics, is really five books in one, with material which carries you from an initial understanding of the mysteries of life into an awareness of deep and yet easily understood principles presented in a concise fashion. This material is a deep study into realizations not found anywhere else in the world to date.

It is a source of understanding and illumination filled with insights upon which you can reflect at leisure, each one bringing you closer to mastery of life upon earth.

You will discover that the deepest metaphysical truths turn out to be the simplest once you understand the basic principles.

Here are just some of the in-depth subjects covered in this enlightening collection of the metaphysical realities of life:

The Mystery of the Great Illusion Solved
The True Nature of Reality
The Greatest Mystery of All Time
Quantum Questions Answered
The Journey Through Human Evolution

Your Purpose in Life
The Higher Realms of Consciousness
How Your Spiritual Growth Helps the World
Secrets of the Chakras
Life in the Afterlife
Soul Connection

Your Subtle Bodies
The Real Power of Imagination
How to Contact Your Superconscious Mind
Gaining Better Intuitive Insights
Creating a Preferred Reality

The Structure of the Universe
The Nine Levels of Existence
The Nine Dimensions
The Nine Universal Laws or Principles
The Coming Ascension

Releasing Blockages to Growth
Freedom from Fear
The Spiritual Stages of Consciousness
Principles of Effective Meditation
Secrets of Abundance
The Nine Harmonics of Joyful Living

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Clear Definitions Bring Clear Understanding

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