Spiritual Insight



Sample Chapter from
Spiritual Metaphysics
by Owen Waters

Clear Definitions Bring
Clear Understanding

A lot of confusion exists within metaphysics today, so here are some definitions that can clear up common misconceptions.

Infinite Being is the origin of all life and it is, ultimately, the awareness within all beings. Also known as the Godhead, Brahman, or Tao, it is infinite in scope, so it is all that exists, and it is the passive perfection of conscious awareness. That is, until curiosity arose within its all-present, all-knowing awareness and stirred the passive tranquility into creating the Creator. Infinite Being is beingness. Infinite Being does not DO; the Creator DOES.

The One Creator or Prime Creator is the active aspect of Infinite Being. It discovered that many things could be created within its consciousness by having two complementary aspects of its consciousness set into motion to interact with each other. For example, sunlight utilizes electric energy and magnetic energy, synchronistically intertwined at a specific frequency to create light and power all life in the physical world.

The Law of Creation is the key discovery made by the One Creator. At its most fundamental level, it is defined as, Creation = Thought + Feeling + Motion. One of today's common misconceptions is that the Feeling part, the Law of Attraction, will manifest anything you desire, allegedly without any effort on your part. However, this runs counter to other laws of physical existence, such as "Action and Reaction are equal", meaning that a person has to first give, or work, in order to receive.

Everything is composed of consciousness. Consciousness is the only tool with which the Creator had to work. Even solid matter is 100% energy, compressed into a form which gives it the appearance of solidity. Matter is compressed energy and energy is compressed consciousness.

Etheric life energy, also known as prana, qi, or chi is often mistakenly referred to today as "electromagnetic energy." It is not. Anything based upon electric energy is physical. Anything more subtle, like healing life energy or the human aura, is etheric energy. There is far more etheric matter in the universe than physical matter. Scientists know it is there because of its gravitational effects but, because their physical eyes can't see it, they call it "dark matter." That is a paradox because the etheric energy that makes up etheric matter is actually a higher form of light.

Many people have been given an incorrect definition of the soul. Spirit or astral bodies exist in the afterlife, which is located in fourth density or 4D. The soul is nonphysical and exists in fifth density or 5D.

Spirit bodies are not literally nonphysical. Even though a 4D spirit body is ghost-like to you and me, a 4D spirit body is more accurately described as quasi-physical because, in relation to each other, one spirit finds another spirit to be perfectly solid. In the afterlife, spirits exist in a world quite similar to the physical world except that it is less dense. For example, they can shape-shift their appearance, levitate above the ground, and instantly teleport themselves to another location. In fact, most of the magical effects you see in movies like the Harry Potter series are perfectly normal in the spirit realms.

Ascension from our current 3D physical world to 5D is a rumor started by people who, for unknown reasons, act as though 4D doesn't exist. Ascending from 3D takes a physical body into 4D. Physical ascension will be the key event of the cosmically-ordained Shift to a higher existence. When it occurs, all matter in this 3D physical world will be transformed and will relocate into a sub-realm of 4D. Meanwhile, people in the afterlife will move up to a higher sub-realm of 4D, as in "the dead shall be risen." After this ascension to 4D, our physical bodies will be comprised of more etheric energy and less electric energy than at present.