The Compassion of the Sun

by Owen Waters

As consciousness transforms to a higher level, respect for the Divine is replacing the traditional concept of worship. Respect for the works of the Creator springs from the virtue of kindness. It engenders gratitude for life and all that supports life.

Heartfelt gratitude and respect for the Divine opens up the pathway to the further expansion of a person’s consciousness.

In the science of Spiritual Metaphysics, we understand that, along the ascending stairway to unity with the Divine, there are stages of cosmic existence to which we will one day return. We came down through those levels on the way to this life and we will return the same way we came.

One day, in the distant future, you will have grown to become one with the consciousness of a planet, then a sun, and then even a galaxy!

The souls of Mother Earth and Father Sun are examples of the cosmic levels of existence which await us along our journey home to the Divine. To express this in terms of density levels of existence, we live in physical third density (3D), our souls live in nonphysical 5D, the soul of Mother Earth is based in 7D, the Sun is based in 8D, and the galaxy is based in 9D. Beyond the Ninth is the Creator, as all levels of existence are contained within the mind of that Source.

In the year 2012, I was among the few voices who said that the end of the Mayan calendar cycles would be a gateway to a new cycle and not the end of the world as many feared at the time. End-times stories were everywhere, spreading fear for the future and distracting spiritual seekers from the inspiration in their lives.

Today, another version of end-of-the-world fear is circulating. It claims that the Sun is getting ready to go into a calamitous micronova. Some fear-mongers get even more creative and claim there are space arks, piloted by extraterrestrials, ready to come to our rescue and take us off-planet to avoid such a fate. They make no mention of what we’d be returning to if the electronic infrastructure of civilization had been fried, but let’s not ruin a good scare-story by asking common sense questions!

Like kindness, common sense is a virtue to nurture. I am reminded of another piece of fear propaganda which also seems to be designed to distract spiritual seekers from their paths. The “Death Traps” story started as a work of fiction and, somehow, was picked up and promoted as if it was fact. In this scare-story, they say that when you die, the white light that beckons you upwards isn’t an opening to the brighter light of the spirit realms, it’s a trap where your memory will be erased. Oh, really?

Well, thank goodness for common sense. If that were true, then the afterlife would be filled with amnesic zombies when, in fact your nearest and dearest are perfectly fine with their memories intact and, somehow, they always turn up for a big reunion on the day you are ready to pass on into their world. People who have had Near Death Experiences also provide evidence that this scare-story is pure fiction. The inhabitants of the afterlife know exactly who they are and remember what they did during their physical lives.

Getting back to the possibility of a life-ending threat from the Sun, here’s a question. But first, remember that this one law of the universe. The universe is benevolent because that is the nature of its Creator.

Would the Sun, which is so much closer to the Creator than us, choose to:

A) Knowingly destroy humanity with a blast of energy, or…

B) Protect humanity from all possible disasters, not only out of compassion for all life, but because we are in a critical stage of our awakening to the next level of consciousness?

Common sense says that we should stop entertaining ideas from people who think that spreading fear is entertaining, and remember this basic truth…

We are children of the Sun.

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