The Transformative Power of Love

by Owen Waters

Because the Creator’s energy of unconditional love fills the universe, it can be your most powerful resource for transformation.

If you have a big challenge facing you in life, you already know what needs to be transformed, but what if you don’t know about something important that’s holding you back?

Here’s an easy way to flush out the most hidden of limiting beliefs from the depths of your subconscious mind and bring them out into your conscious awareness where you can apply a simple technique of transformation. The result? Greater freedom and inner joy from one simple but effective step. Here’s how it’s done…

First, bring any limiting thoughts to the surface by making a claim that might be considered outrageous. Well, it won’t be outrageous when the world becomes heart-centered and everyone supports each other but, for now, tradition says it may seem outrageous.

First, put yourself into a quiet reflective state, then mentally state to yourself, “I am brilliant, gorgeous, and fabulous!”

What happens then? Chances are, due to the social environment that most of us grew up in, you were taught to never make such claims because there’s supposed to be something-or-other wrong with thinking that way.

Well, sure, if a child runs the risk of becoming a raving, unsociable egomaniac, then there would be something wrong with thinking that way. But as an adult with a developing sense of spiritual consciousness, ego issues are no longer the point.

In the New Reality, the point is to develop your potential and become everything that you can be.

In a healthy, heart-centered society, everyone will either be brilliant, gorgeous and fabulous already or well on their way to becoming so. And the rest of society will be supporting them in every attempt that they make to improve their lives. After all, wouldn’t you rather live among people who are brilliant, gorgeous, fabulous and supportive than among people who are envious, small-minded and competitive?

As you probably just noticed in this exercise, blockages are likely to emerge when you say wonderful things about yourself. When you say, “I am brilliant, gorgeous, and fabulous!” what thoughts come up to the surface of your mind?

Probably a lot of “Yes, but I don’t feel…” statements. Those are your blockages, or limiting beliefs. Now, here’s how to dissolve them so that they won’t limit your happiness any longer.

Having identified a blockage and brought it out into the open where it can be worked on, you are able to apply energy work to transform it out of your life once and for all.

Your heart has a wonderful ability to transform limiting beliefs by the application of its natural frequency of consciousness, which is that of unconditional love.

While your physical heart is tucked away behind your rib cage, the energy center of your heart is outside of your body, just in front of your breastbone. It is here that the frequency of heart-centered consciousness is focused. Visualize this energy center as a small sphere of brilliant white light four inches (ten centimeters) in front of the center of your chest.

Imagine the air being filled with vital life energy, like a white mist that fills the space around you. The air actually is filled with such vital life energy, and the point of the exercise is to draw additional quantities of this energy in to add extra power to your heart’s energy center.

Now that your heart’s energy center is charged with intense life energy, use its natural frequency of unconditional love to transform each blockage in turn. Whatever blockage you identified, say to yourself mentally:

“I release the belief that [blockage statement] and transform it into the light now. I replace that old belief with the knowing that I am loved and that I am Love.”

For example, “I release the belief that money is bad and transform it into the light now. I replace that old belief with the knowing that I am loved and that I am Love.”

Notice that you don’t have to state the opposite of the old belief. You just transform it and release it using the energy of unconditional love as the transformative power.

Here’s what happens. Releasing the old belief creates an absence, or a vacuum, that wants to be filled. Nature abhors a vacuum, so you replace the old belief with the pure unconditional love that flows throughout the universe and fill this vacuum with positive energy.

The statement, “knowing that I am loved,” is an affirmation of your awareness that the universe is filled with the love of God and that you only have to tune into this love to feel its power and eternal support.

Everything and everyone exists in a universe filled with unconditional love. It’s the way the universe was designed.

Author’s note: This technique was first released in my book on the next stage of world spiritual awakening, Love, Light, Laughter: The New Spirituality.

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Life-Choking Limitation

by Owen Waters

Are you struggling financially? Is your monthly budget mapped out to the tiniest degree with nothing extra to spare? Have your money worries become a giant pain in the neck?

For spiritual people, this is often one big reason why…

Poverty can afflict spiritual seekers more than others because of past lives. Often in the past, a serious-minded spiritual seeker would incarnate for the purpose of exploring life as a monk or a nun.

The vow of poverty that came with such a decision was no problem. At the time, it was a great idea. After all, they would be supported in their life of service by a monastery or nunnery. The problem is what happened later.

You were born into this life with a full memory of all your past lives – and vows – tucked away in your subconscious mind. Vows that had no expiry date keep on affecting you. They keep on going and going, molding the way your conscious mind sees life.

Many of us have been monks or nuns in past lives, renounced money, and trained ourselves to think that money is a distraction from spiritual pursuits. Then, in this life, we wonder why money becomes such a focus, simply because there is never enough of it to pay the bills!

Poverty and Prosperity

In my case, I have spent this entire life as a dedicated spiritual seeker. I have experienced poverty and I have experienced prosperity. As a child, my family was so poor that I was one of the few kids who qualified for free meals at school. Shopping for fun never crossed our minds; we only replaced clothes and shoes when the old ones were well and truly worn out.

Later, I decided to try affluence instead. Wow, what a difference! I lived in “Beverly Hills, 90210” before it ever became a TV show. I drove a brand-new luxury car that belonged to me, not the bank. I had no debts and enjoyed the good things in life to the fullest. In affluent neighborhoods, you sense a palpable aura of comfort that fills the air.

I went the whole nine yards. Tailor-made suits and shirts, a shiny Rolex, five-star dinner parties that started with champagne and caviar. It was fun while I explored a new view of life, even if it was tiring to keep running inside that “hamster wheel” all day at the office.

Did all that detract from my spiritual pursuits? Not at all. I learned more new things about spirituality at that time than I ever had before. The monk thing didn’t get in my way because I’ve never done a vow of poverty in any past life. I was a monk once, back when the Buddha was alive, but that was at a time when the whole poverty vow idea hadn’t been invented yet.

So, unencumbered by a vow of poverty that can haunt a person’s subconscious mind, I showed that a person can be poor or prosperous – either way, there’s no barrier – it’s simply a choice.

Now, if you have been haunted by the conviction that poverty is next to saintliness and find yourself continually struggling to pay the bills, what choice do you have? Well, you can dig up that old vow of poverty and consciously release yourself from it, even if you don’t remember the past life details about how and when it happened.

Poverty used to allow monks and nuns to focus on serving their institutions. In today’s commercial world, however, it causes severe, life-choking limitation. If you harbor the hidden belief that your bank account should be perpetually empty, then by letting go of that unconscious, constrictive belief in poverty you will open up huge avenues of personal freedom.

A life of adventure and discovery awaits you

In today’s world, especially when you are retired, you can only pursue your greatest joys if you have the necessary resources. Travel, study, adventures and hobbies all take funds. At one time, a vow of poverty let you focus on your purpose. Today, however, it can make you miss out on many of the potentially fun experiences and consciousness-expanding opportunities in life.

I am about to give you a way to release any vow of poverty that may be residing in your subconscious mind. Once you have released such a barrier to your own natural abundance, you can create a new life of freedom from financial limitation.

Thoughts are creative. When you focus an intention, the nature of the universe is to mold itself into that intention. The universe is abundant. If you think you have lack, the universe will create the perception of lack; then your life will be filled with an abundance of lack.

The Missing Part of “The Secret”

Of course, prosperity doesn’t just materialize because you wish it to be so. Intention alone won’t do the trick. The Law of Creation has three parts: Intention, Feeling, and an essential third component – Action. What action is needed?

Increase the value of your service to society. Observe what people need and help them connect with it. Whatever new skills you need to make yourself more useful, there are books that will teach you these at little or no cost.

Once you release any subconscious vows that no longer serve you, it feels perfectly fine to accept a financial exchange of energy for services rendered.

Money is an energetic measure of your value to others. Its abundance makes you abundantly free to choose.

Now, you’ve probably heard that the love of money detracts from spiritual pursuits, and so it does. But let’s get it right. It’s the LOVE of money that’s the issue, not the money itself or the practical requirement that you will be fairly paid for your services.

After all, money is the way we share our labors in this complex modern world. We are no longer in the agricultural age, trading potatoes for milk or clothes or wood. We specialize in our work and we use the form of energy called money as a medium of exchange for an endless variety of the results of other people’s specialties.

If you don’t enjoy the full freedom of the financial abundance that you deserve as a spiritual person, do the following release exercise. The result can be like the difference between night and day.

Here’s Your Ticket to Freedom

Right now, make the following personal declaration of release. Enter a quiet state, become inspired by the thought of the conscious universe or the ultimate state of Infinite Being and then declare with feeling;

“By the power vested in me by my existence within Infinite Being, I now cancel all unconscious vows and obligations which no longer serve me. I thank them for how they have served me in the past and I release them now. I replace them with the unconditional love and abundance which flows through all of Creation. I AM Infinite Being.”

The next day, if you find yourself haunted by any nagging doubts about whether you deserve your full worth as a spiritual human being who is bettering the world, repeat the process. If necessary, keep repeating for as long as it takes.

The world is waiting for you to become free in every way to rise to your life’s full potential.

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*Owen Waters is the author of the book, Soul Inspiration: Unleash the Power of Your Higher Consciousness to Dissolve Problems and Create a Better Life.

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The Physics of Tao

by Owen Waters

In 1975, Fritjof Capra’s book The Tao of Physics set out to explore the parallels between the worldviews of modern physics and Eastern mysticism. The author’s conclusion was that the two were, not just consistent, but in perfect harmony with each other.

Physics has advanced in many ways in recent decades and so has mysticism with its understanding of the universe. In particular, many insights into the mysteries of the universe have emerged from the spiritual revolution in the West.

From the mystic perspective, the universe was created by Original Consciousness, Tao, or Infinite Being, focusing through an active Creator aspect of itself. The mystic asks, “How did God create this?” while hoping for a glimpse into the cosmic manufacturer’s mind. One thing’s for sure with such a mystical approach: You find a lot more answers when you open up to the idea of higher energies than by insisting that nothing exists beyond physical matter.

To the materialist, thoughts are just electrical signals firing somewhere inside the brain. If that were true, then you’d be like an electronic computer with pre-programmed rules – no self-awareness, no imagination, no free will, no curiosity, and no feelings! Your mind is not your brain and mind energy is not electrical. Mind energy is one of those higher energies that the Creator saw fit to create.

One of the mysteries facing physics is a type of experiment which reveals that related energy particles can communicate with each other much faster than the speed of light. How could this be possible, they ask, when the speed of light is supposed to limit all action in the universe?

In the view of physics today, all energies can travel at the speed of light and no faster. That’s because of the assumption that all energies must be down-to-earth, material, electromagnetic energies. Well, how about those higher energies?

In the broader picture, we don’t just live in a conscious universe, the universe IS conscious! All things are composed of consciousness because the universe was created from the only available material – consciousness.

We know that physical matter is composed of energy, but from what is energy made?

Energy is compressed consciousness.

There is not just one level of energy in existence. The next higher energy above electric energy is etheric, or vital life, energy. Electric energy is a compressed form of the higher, etheric energy.

What’s above etheric energy? All levels of mind energy, from the lowest to the most inspired. Feeling and thought are the yin and yang of mind energy. Both varieties intertwine all the way up into the realms of spirit, of soul consciousness, and beyond into the cosmic realms.

So, how do those two energy particles communicate with each other faster than the speed of light? The answer is easy to appreciate once your worldview is expanded…

Mind energy travels at millions of times the speed of light.

The two particles in the physics experiment communicate at the speed of thought, and the speed of light has no bearing upon the situation. Like everything in the universe, those particles contain awareness. In a universe comprised of consciousness, nothing can exist without consciousness. As particles of a fundamental nature, their awareness may be rudimentary, but their display of feeling is quite obvious to the observer. As related particles, they have developed a connection with each other and their willingness to communicate demonstrates this bond. Thought and feeling are the materials from which this conscious universe is made.

From the vast fabric of space to the tiniest fundamental energy particle, everything is conscious and everything is comprised of consciousness.

Mind energy exists on a scale that rises into the higher realms of awareness like a stairway to heaven. Higher consciousness is very real and it can be yours by turning your attention within, spending time daily in reflection or meditation, and opening up to the intuitive knowingness which resides within your own soul level of consciousness.

Expanded awareness isn’t just for mystics. It opens the doors of perception where you can understand far more about the nature of reality. It brings you closer to the eternal fountain of joy and wisdom which lies within the soul consciousness of each and every one of us.

P.S. If you enjoy discovering answers to the mysteries of life, be sure to read your copy of my book, Spiritual Metaphysics.

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The Compassion of the Sun

by Owen Waters

As consciousness transforms to a higher level, respect for the Divine is replacing the traditional concept of worship. Respect for the works of the Creator springs from the virtue of kindness. It engenders gratitude for life and all that supports life.

Heartfelt gratitude and respect for the Divine opens up the pathway to the further expansion of a person’s consciousness.

In the science of Spiritual Metaphysics, we understand that, along the ascending stairway to unity with the Divine, there are stages of cosmic existence to which we will one day return. We came down through those levels on the way to this life and we will return the same way we came.

One day, in the distant future, you will have grown to become one with the consciousness of a planet, then a sun, and then even a galaxy!

The souls of Mother Earth and Father Sun are examples of the cosmic levels of existence which await us along our journey home to the Divine. To express this in terms of density levels of existence, we live in physical third density (3D), our souls live in nonphysical 5D, the soul of Mother Earth is based in 7D, the Sun is based in 8D, and the galaxy is based in 9D. Beyond the Ninth is the Creator, as all levels of existence are contained within the mind of that Source.

In the year 2012, I was among the few voices who said that the end of the Mayan calendar cycles would be a gateway to a new cycle and not the end of the world as many feared at the time. End-times stories were everywhere, spreading fear for the future and distracting spiritual seekers from the inspiration in their lives.

Today, another version of end-of-the-world fear is circulating. It claims that the Sun is getting ready to go into a calamitous micronova. Some fear-mongers get even more creative and claim there are space arks, piloted by extraterrestrials, ready to come to our rescue and take us off-planet to avoid such a fate. They make no mention of what we’d be returning to if the electronic infrastructure of civilization had been fried, but let’s not ruin a good scare-story by asking common sense questions!

Like kindness, common sense is a virtue to nurture. I am reminded of another piece of fear propaganda which also seems to be designed to distract spiritual seekers from their paths. The “Death Traps” story started as a work of fiction and, somehow, was picked up and promoted as if it was fact. In this scare-story, they say that when you die, the white light that beckons you upwards isn’t an opening to the brighter light of the spirit realms, it’s a trap where your memory will be erased. Oh, really?

Well, thank goodness for common sense. If that were true, then the afterlife would be filled with amnesic zombies when, in fact your nearest and dearest are perfectly fine with their memories intact and, somehow, they always turn up for a big reunion on the day you are ready to pass on into their world. People who have had Near Death Experiences also provide evidence that this scare-story is pure fiction. The inhabitants of the afterlife know exactly who they are and remember what they did during their physical lives.

Getting back to the possibility of a life-ending threat from the Sun, here’s a question. But first, remember that this one law of the universe. The universe is benevolent because that is the nature of its Creator.

Would the Sun, which is so much closer to the Creator than us, choose to:

A) Knowingly destroy humanity with a blast of energy, or…

B) Protect humanity from all possible disasters, not only out of compassion for all life, but because we are in a critical stage of our awakening to the next level of consciousness?

Common sense says that we should stop entertaining ideas from people who think that spreading fear is entertaining, and remember this basic truth…

We are children of the Sun.

P.S. If you enjoy discovering answers to the mysteries of life, be sure to read my best-selling book, Spiritual Metaphysics.

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The Good News About Karma

by Owen Waters

Karma is very different from what most people think it is. The word itself, usually prefixed by the word “bad,” generates ideas of retribution or punishment for past misadventures. Somewhere in the heavens above, so people imagine, an accountant is supposed to be keeping track of your karmic balance.

I used to assume that karma was all about maintaining a balance, so therefore the universe contained some law that made it reflective in nature and therefore automatically self-balancing. However, I stand corrected by recent revelations from my senior guide and mentor, an archangel who serves humanity during these times of transition in the vitally essential office of Lord Protector of The Shift.

Karma is an effect of creation. There is no inherent reflective capability in the universe. The apparent reflections, which people sometimes call their karma, come from the ongoing patterns of consciousness which they have created.

Each of us has a karmic pattern, which is like a tapestry filled with a variety of cross-linked energies. It is held within the energetically magnetic aura that surrounds your body.

Each thread woven into your karmic pattern was placed there by your creation of a certain pattern of consciousness. Each created thread within the tapestry of your karmic pattern exists because you have given it life. It will continue to exist and attract circumstances to itself as long as you feed its existence.

The Law of Creation is invoked when intention and feeling are set into motion.

Yin and Yang in motion

Intention is the yang component as it sets the frequency of consciousness. Emotion sets the yin component of magnetic attraction which, by its nature, attracts relevant circumstances into one’s life.

People often ask if their karmic pattern can be changed. Yes, it can. It changes all the time.

What has been created and empowered by an emotional charge will soon fade away when that emotional charge no longer supports it. In a more sudden fashion, a rise in consciousness can transform a karmic pattern.

For example, if someone were intent on jealousy as a way of life and then they experienced a sudden awakening which transformed them to a higher level of thought, their life could change at that very moment. They could decide to become loving and forgiving instead of continuing to feed the old jealousy pattern. That decision would be the end of the jealousy part of their karmic pattern. It would be taken out of existence by the transformation which made the person no longer interested in feeding that pattern of consciousness. The former creation would dissipate, its energy being released back to the universe, and it would stop generating karmic circumstances.

In Summary

The Law of Karma is an effect of the Law of Creation. Your overall karmic pattern is a collection of each thought pattern you have created. It can change as you raise your level of consciousness through spiritual growth but the Law of Karma never ceases to operate. It is always in full operation at all levels of Creation, attracting those patterns you have created through your intentions, feelings and actions.

Here’s the Especially Good News

The Law of Karma guarantees that when you give, you will receive. When you heal, you will receive healing. When you teach what you have learned to others, you will find that even greater insights dawn within you as a result.

If you decide with all your heart that you will succeed in fulfilling your soul purpose in this life, that adds a thread to your karmic pattern which will affect your present and future. Like a magnet drawing resources and circumstances toward you, this thread of intention will help you navigate through life to fulfill your wish in every possible way.

*For more insights and ways to create a truly joy-filled life, read Spiritual Metaphysics: Answers to the Great Mysteries of Life by Owen Waters.

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Why Prayers Can Fail To Work

by Owen Waters

The world is full of reasons why people might pray for help from a higher source. From the threat of war to an exploding health crisis to the pressures of a cratering economy, you’ve got to wonder why the Creator allows all this. After all, a challenge will always bring personal growth but the accelerating rate of change in everything today is like a cosmic wake-up call. But, we might ask, to wake up to what?

The truth is, we are sparks of the Divine, empowered with free will so that we can forge a path back to divine consciousness through the Three C’s – the attributes we have inherited from our divine origins – Curiosity, Creativity, and Constructive action. With these, we should be able to handle anything but, all the same, a little help from above would be more than welcome in these crazy days of rapid change.

Tradition has it that you pray to God for favors and sometimes offer something in exchange, like, for example, a promise to turn to God more regularly. However, in these days of cosmology, it is increasingly difficult to imagine that the Creator of billions of galaxies, each with billions of suns, would micro-manage problems on one tiny planet. So, perhaps, seeking attention from a more people-focused aspect of the divine hierarchy makes a whole lot more sense.

All levels of existence in the universe exist within the consciousness of the Creator. Within that envelope of consciousness in which the universe lives, the highest realm of consciousness is ninth density, which is home to the soul essences of galaxies. Each galaxy is responsible for Creator functions within its field of consciousness. Likewise, each sun is responsible for the creation of its planets and each planet develops and maintains the systems of life within its realm. These days, not too many people pray to the Sun or Mother Earth, but you can gain enormous spiritual growth by sending regular thoughts of gratitude to these cosmic beings. The inspirational energy feedback from such elevated beings is phenomenal.

The next level down the divine hierarchy of consciousness is the sixth-density realm of archangels and angels. This is where one of the most called-upon higher beings is based, and for good reason. Jesus operates as an all-pervasive spirit with global reach within all the realms of existence upon earth. When someone reaches out to Jesus for help, his presence as a global spirit detects that call and focuses attention on that person, ready to deliver comfort, hope, inspiration, and healing.

Besides calling on world avatars for help, there are several other options, perhaps closer to our third-density physical home in terms of frequency. Everyone has spirit guides and also angels who watch over them. Everyone also has their soul or higher self, which is based in fifth density, ready to dispense wisdom that is perfectly tailored to your unique situation. You don’t actually pray to your soul or higher self because you are part of its field of consciousness, but you can get in touch with your inner being first thing every day with a quiet meditation and thereby benefit from personalized guidance any time you need it.

Whether you feel most comfortable developing an inner connection to your soul or asking for help from a higher source, it is important to be aware of the power you already possess as a creation of the divine.

Imagination is your creative faculty. Be bold. Imagine a better life and never accept ideas that conspire to block your way.

Notice how your divine attributes of Curiosity, Creativity, and Constructive action include the word ‘action.’ This is the big reason why prayers can fail to work. If a person asks for their life to change, action will be required in some form by them and possibly other people. Action makes manifest, even if it is as subtle an act as a conscious shift in a belief that previously held you back. Guidance will come into your mind repeatedly, knocking at the door asking to be recognized and acted upon.

Lack of action after asking for help and guidance is the main reason prayer can fail to work, and it’s the same with the Law of Attraction, which is sometimes portrayed as a big magnet that energizes the universe toward your desired goal. Yes, it does do that but the Law of Attraction is like the magnet inside an electric generator waiting to be turned so that electricity can start to flow. If you don’t crank the handle and add motion to the situation, no energy flows and no results appear.

My recent e-book, Soul Inspiration: Unleash the Power of Your Higher Consciousness to Dissolve Problems and Create a Better Life, goes deeper into the subject, revealing ways to increase the clarity of the guidance you can receive and also determine which direction your action should take at any time to make your wishes come true.

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Your True Inner Nature

by Owen Waters

Sooner or later everyone wakes up to the fact that they are essentially divine beings. Despite the appearance that we are physical in nature and that reality is filtered through the perceptions of our physical brains, there is much more to each human being than their physical aspect.

Your mind, which is a field of consciousness, is separate from your physical brain. Within that field of consciousness, you exist as an aspect of the divine source from which you came.

Long ago, you inserted yourself into the human experience. In those days, nothing was yet physical and being human meant being a specialized personality with the free will to explore consciousness in greater detail than previously.

Later, physical experience was sought as it made the experience of being a rational, freewill-driven, unique personality all the more interesting. At that point, being physical meant living in a lighter density than today’s version of physical existence.

The experience of being physical was so fascinating that, like youngsters excited about a new thrill ride at a funfair, we said, “How about if we try it with the lights out?” And, so, the lights went out.

Today, we are immersed deeper than ever in the human experience of being physical. This includes being apparently cut off from the normal information flow that comes with higher consciousness and we’re here to find the answer that lies somewhere out there in the gloom. Or, we might well ask, is it somewhere inside instead of somewhere out there?

Being mostly disconnected from the inner light means that we don’t have an inbuilt awareness of our oneness with the universe. We have to earn that realization through deliberate attunement. We don’t have always-on telepathic ability to exchange thoughts and feelings with other people. Conscious telepathy takes patience and practice. We aren’t attuned with conditions in nature like animals are. When an earthquake jolt is imminent or a tsunami is headed our way, wild animals suddenly head for the hills and we’re left wondering why our homebound pets are getting agitated.

As humans today, what we have is self-awareness, intellect, and freedom of choice. Within this mysterious maze of the thrill ride of being human with the inner lights turned off, there is a treasure to be found. That treasure is the realization that the light was there all the time, yet hidden from sight.

When you first find the spiritual light within, it begins to beckon you forward into the realms of more light. Then, you are firmly on the path of spiritual discovery. You are heading back along the pathway to the level of consciousness from which you came before the thrill ride began.

Remember, your brain is not your mind and your mind is not your real personality. Your immortal soul is your real personality and it is functioning through the filter of who you became in this particular lifetime.

Attune yourself with your soul consciousness every day and you will always be able make the right choices in life. When you sense the essence of your true personality, you will also sense which of the options that lie before you resonate best with your inner guidance. This attunement with the right options and their real potential is the secret to gaining the most from your experience of life as a human being.

The big question is, of all the techniques of spiritual awakening that could make such progress possible, which are the ones that are most effective and easiest to perform? And, how can they be combined for best effect when meeting daily challenges?

Those questions are answered in my new e-book, Soul Inspiration: Unleash the Power of Your Higher Consciousness to Dissolve Problems and Create a Better Life.

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In Memoriam

by Owen Waters

The courageous Professor Peter Higgs died this week on April 8th, 2024. Starting in 1964, he quietly but relentlessly championed the return of a universal all-pervasive field to the world of physics.

His Higgs Mechanism explains the origin of the property of mass in subatomic particles. It requires the existence of an all-pervasive field and it also predicted the existence of a previously undetected particle, now called the Higgs boson.

When the existence of this new particle was proved at CERN’s Large Hadron Collider in Switzerland, popular literature picked up on its fundamental importance and called it the God Particle!

This corrects the wrong turn taken by science over a century ago when an erroneous experiment failed to detect the aether and, instead of admitting failure, declared that the aether did not exist. This set back the progress of energy research for many decades.

In the 1800s, the science world accepted the existence of the “luminiferous aether”, an all-pervasive field which is the medium through which light is transmitted. At the time, the electrical pioneer Michael Faraday firmly believed in the “luminiferous aether” as an all-pervasive fabric of space. He went on to discover the principles that made possible the electric generator, motor, and transformer.

In the early 1900s, Nikola Tesla, ignoring the faulty experiment, firmly believed in the aether and, among many other advances, gave the world alternating current technology, making long-distance electrical transmission possible.

Today, the all-pervasive field is back, after being lost to physics for over a century. Next, progressive science minds will sense the tide change in physics and take the next steps by unraveling the damage caused by the theoretical concept of spacetime, which was invented as a substitute for the aether.

Spacetime was embedded into the counter-intuitive theory of relativity, which tries to tell us that we will never be able to travel faster than the speed of light. I doubt that is the belief of the ET visitors who travel back and forth hundred of light years to come and visit and see how close we are to being ready for open contact.

Relativity is one of those observer-bound ideas that thinks that the outside world is governed by the mind of the observer. In truth, the cosmos has its own rules and does not require humans to bring things into existence. For example, when you look at the Pleiades in the night sky, you’re not creating what you see. You’re seeing an image of how the stars looked 500 years ago because that is how long their light took to reach you. It’s the same thing with the question of whether a tree falling in a forest makes a sound if you’re not there to hear it. Yes, it does make a sound even if no one is there to hear it.

The following example shows why relativity is counter-intuitive. Two cars are traveling toward each other at a steady speed of 60 miles per hour each. They pass and continue their journeys in opposite directions at that speed. Then, one hour after the point where they passed each other they will be 120 miles apart, one car having traveled from the meeting point 60 miles in one direction and the other car having traveled 60 miles in the opposite direction. Their speed relative to each other added up to produce a cumulative 120 miles of separation in one hour. So far, so good. Common sense reigns.

With relativity theory, however, common sense flies out the window. It says that if two spaceships are traveling toward each other, both traveling at 0.8 times the speed of light, their relative speed cannot add up to 1.6 times the speed of light because nothing can exceed the speed of light. Make sense? No, of course not and, yet, this kind of relative spacetime nonsense has helped keep aether theory suppressed for over a century, severely hampering progress in energy research.

Today, thanks to the courageous persistence of Professor Peter Higgs, we have the aether back, albeit under a new name. But, will it be called the Higgs field in popular usage? I rather like the title of Lynne McTaggart’s book which simply called it The Field, with a capital “F”. Renaming the aether as “the Field” certainly helps avoid confusion over certain energy definitions. You see, “the aether” and “etheric energy” are two energies that sound the same but are actually as different as yin and yang.

So, let’s review those definitions as given in one of the chapters of my book, Spiritual Metaphysics: Answers to the Great Mysteries of Life.

The Field is a subtle, fluid, magnetic energy which fills all space. It is the fabric of space.

Etheric energy has been given many names, for example zero point energy, prana, chi or qi, orgone, the fifth element, tachyon energy, and vacuum energy. A more subtle cousin to electricity, etheric energy is the life force that streams towards us from the Sun, energizing and motivating all forms of life. In summary…

Etheric energy is universal life energy. Like all energies, it travels within the Field.

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The Origin of Spiritual Metaphysics

by Owen Waters

Traditional metaphysics is the study of consciousness and the nature of reality. It goes way back, a long way… beyond even Aristotle. As a topic of study in universities, it has generated endless discussions on the nature of change, cause and effect, time, and how to define the properties of substances.

In the 20th Century, metaphysics reincarnated as the human potential movement, bringing a sense of hope for possibilities beyond people’s wildest dreams. At the higher end of the consciousness spectrum, the new metaphysics was inspiring and uplifting. At the lower end, it devolved into a mundane tool focused on material ambition. It was this chasm between higher and mundane metaphysics that led me to use a new term.

My own focus has always been on the spiritual aspects of metaphysics so, in August 2005, I decided to put the two words together and began using the term, spiritual metaphysics. This gave definition to a field of study that brought the light of understanding to spirituality and went beyond basic metaphysics.

An all-inclusive definition of Spiritual Metaphysics has to include the ultimate consciousness that is behind all of Creation. This one spiritual source is known by various terms, including the Absolute, Tao, or the All That Is. My own term is Infinite Being, which I began using as the name for our website in 2002, to encapsulate the idea of infinite, all-encompassing consciousness beyond which nothing else exists.

To keep the perspective focused on the nature of the universe, one has to consider the Law of Creation that underlies all manifestation. It is this triune method of creative consciousness that presents itself in many ways in the nature and structure of the universe, and in your life.

As a lifelong mystic, such mysteries were always dear to my heart. After 40 years of ceaseless struggle and searching for the keys to the universe, great insights began to dawn within my consciousness. For a short while, I even began to wonder if I’d been upgraded with some kind of intelligence transplant because, there I was, with deep insights into the nature of the universe popping inside my head like camera flashbulbs going off!

Then, reality dawned. It wasn’t actually me that was having the bright ideas. It took a while, but I slowly began to realize that the great inspirations were being fed to me by helpful ascended masters. It seems that they consider this to be the time for the release of greater metaphysical understanding. I was being impressed with these new ideas because I was on their list of people who were likely to talk about such realizations once they’d been received and understood. This comes from a desire to be of service and a willingness to step forward to assist in uplifting humanity during this time of awakening.

Over the years, I have been digesting and simplifying what I have learned from these inspired sources so that it can be easily understood by everyone. In essence, the subject of spiritual metaphysics is very simple. Beginning with the One consciousness, the Law of Creation employs three aspects of consciousness to interact with each other.

From there, the process is repeated so that you have three aspects of Divine consciousness plus nine variations of the original three in order to manifest the complexity required to support the manifestation of the material universe.

The result is a definition of everything critical to the framework of Creation. There are nine levels of existence in the universe. There are nine physical dimensions (three versions each of space, time, and energy), and there are nine universal laws of life. It is the laws that really inspire me right now because people can lead such wonderful lives when they understand the spiritually-based laws of reality.

Gaining this knowledge is like being handed the keys to the universe!

These keys can transform your own reality into an magical world of new and inspiring adventures.

The time has come for me to present the spiritual laws of life in a way that everyone can appreciate. It may have taken me a total of over 60 years to gain the insights that I have today, but you can grasp them in one easy step because, like all works of the Creator, they are the essence of elegant simplicity.

Once you see the spiritual laws of life laid out for your examination and understanding, you will have a complete knowing of how these universal principles are ingrained in the design of the universe in order to guide you along the path of your mission in life.

My magnum opus, Spiritual Metaphysics: Answers to the Great Mysteries of Life, is a collection that is the cumulative result of a lifetime of metaphysical discoveries… since 1963! It is a source of understanding and illumination filled with insights upon which you can reflect at leisure, each one bringing you closer to mastery of life upon earth. Discover for yourself the spiritual laws of life and many other answers to the great mysteries of life by reading (or re-reading) this unique book.

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She Walks in Beauty

by Dreama Vance

“She walks in beauty, like the night
Of cloudless climes and starry skies;”

This well-loved poem by Lord Byron is about a beautiful woman, but for me, it has always represented Gaia. Do you see the Earth as she dances, spinning across the starlit sky? Do you see her as she turns from dark to bright?

The poem goes on to describe her attributes of goodness, serenity, peace and calmness, implying an elegant, regal nature. Is this not Gaia herself?

Many years ago while visiting Big Bend National Park in Texas, I somehow quite miraculously fell in love with the Earth. In this isolated area, within a 24-hour period, I fell absolutely in love with her. I cried like my heart was broken when I had to leave and return to my normal everyday life. During that brief time, in the way of mystery, she called me to walk the beauty path.

If you fall in love with her and whisper your heart’s desire to also walk the beauty path, she will begin to reveal her secrets to you.

Teachers will come to you to share her wisdom. If you partake of this wisdom, you will find your life entwined with her heart, just like two lovers in an embrace.

If you can be still enough… if you can quiet your mind and open your heart, she will sing to you.

Her song will play upon your inner being, revealing to you such wonders. Majesty and grandeur beyond imagination – LIFE ever living, renewing. She carries the heart of every living creature within her own beating heart.

If you are quiet, you will feel that heart beat. Like a baby in the womb, carried under the heart of the mother, we are nurtured, held in comfort and safety. We are connected as our heart vibrates in rhythm with hers, becoming one heart.

As you shelter in her arms, as you partake of foods from the Goddess, she will teach you the beauty path. You will become one with her rhythms, breathing with her breath and dancing with her divine nature. Her wisdom becomes your wisdom. Her cycles become your cycles. The depth of her spirit begins to deepen yours. Her peace soaks into your being.

Life becomes so much more than our daily existence.

“She walks in beauty,” and so will you.

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How the Conscious Universe Works

by Owen Waters

“The universe only exists when you are observing it,” or so the popular theory goes.

This theory is an offspring of quantum physics. It says that, because the observer affects the outcome of experiments, the observer is key to reality. The theory goes on to suggest that the universe only exists when you look at it; therefore you must be creating the universe from your consciousness.

This is actually not a new idea. The old Zen riddle, “If a tree falls in a forest with no one to hear it, then does it make a sound?” reflects the same style of thinking. It suggests that nothing happens in the universe without an observer being present.

There is some validity to this theory in that, at the deepest level of consciousness, you are Infinite Being. At that deepest level, you are that which creates the entire universe, and that which maintains it in motion. However, at the everyday, human level of consciousness, the universe exists and runs quite happily without human intervention, whether or not anyone is watching it. The tree makes a noise when it falls, whether or not any human observers are present at the time.

Take, for example, the Pleiades, the star cluster which is also called the Seven Sisters. Often, on a clear night, you can see the Seven Sisters twinkling in the sky, even though they are five hundred light-years distant. Because of that distance, you are actually observing where the Seven Sisters were five hundred years ago. It took that long for the light image to reach your eyes. Basically, you are observing history in the night sky, not the actual, current position of the stars.

If you were creating the universe by virtue of being its observer, as the theory goes, then you would actually witness the Seven Sisters in their current position, and not in the position that they were five hundred years ago.

The idea that we live in a conscious universe has been gaining ground steadily for a number of years. The conscious universe is much more than a universe which is simply self-aware. The fabric of the universe is consciousness. The universe consists entirely of consciousness. The objects in the universe are all made of consciousness. Everything in the universe is fabricated from aspects of original consciousness, with those aspects interwoven and set into motion.

The chair upon which you may sit appears to be made of physical material. It has the appearance of a solid object that exists somewhere outside of yourself. However, physical matter is composed of subatomic energy particles, and energy, in turn, is composed of compressed consciousness. So, the chair is made up of 100% consciousness. It only appears to be a separate object outside of you because its elements are a projection of original Creator consciousness, fashioned by Nature and then by human consciousness.

Physical objects have their own specific locations in space. Space, however, is just a projected illusion, a concept manufactured by consciousness so that the All may be divided into an infinite variety of apparently separate parts.

Time is also a projection of consciousness. Time is a concept whereby the infinite parts of the All can engage in the appearance of movement. The underlying reality is still the eternal Now and yet time makes change, and therefore an infinite variety of experiences, possible. Each moment in time has its own signature vibration which separates it from all other moments in time, allowing the eternal Now to present a series of moments as a timeline along which change can occur.

An everyday analogy of projected reality is a movie projected onto a screen. A video may be a collection of photographic still-shots presented at a speed of 30 frames per second, just fast enough to appear as continual motion.

You know that the movie is just the projection of a recorded, dramatic scene, but it’s easy to forget that as you become involved in the unfolding drama. The movie appears like a real-life drama for as long as it absorbs your attention.

Time and space were fabricated within the consciousness of the universe in order to set the stage for life as we know it. Because the universe is made of 100% consciousness, all things are within it, and are therefore subjective. Nothing is really “out there,” even though life appears to be an objective experience. All physical reality is a projection within your consciousness, not something outside of, or separate from, yourself.

Each and every object in the universe – a table, a chair, a car, a house, anything – is not only composed of 100% consciousness, it actually IS conscious in its own way!

P.S. You can empower your own path through life with enlightening insights, such as the many contained within our collection of books.

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The Ascension Frequency

by Owen Waters

I wrote my latest book The New Enlightenment in late 2023 for two reasons. One is that I finally realized why spiritual service to others is such a powerful path to enlightenment – potentially ten times more powerful than passive meditation. I had been aware of the concept since the 1970s, but an understanding had finally dawned upon me as to the science of why and how this is the case.

Two, I recognized that the long-awaited quantum leap in human consciousness had begun its phase of rapid growth. The founder of the science behind the Spiral Dynamics stages of human consciousness, Professor Clare Graves, had predicted this transition, calling it, “a momentous leap.” He defined it as a leap that takes us over the gap from the First Tier of Subsistence Levels to the Second Tier’s Being levels.

After his passing, his students simplified the subject considerably for public consumption using color codes for each of the stages of growth in human consciousness. In my book, The New Enlightenment, I simplified the approach a little further by simply numbering the stages as 1-6 for the First Tier and 7-12 for the higher, Second Tier.

Stage 7, in terms of its chakra equivalent, is the upper stage of heart-centered consciousness. Stage 7 is active, not passive like Stage 6, as it applies unconditional love to the practicalities of life’s challenges. All the earlier stages of human development are included as learned lessons in the higher stages, so Stage 7’s active heart-centered consciousness also includes earlier lessons learned in Stages 1-6, developing courage, creativity, and community.

Stage 7 is also the level of active spiritual consciousness documented by David R. Hawkins in his detailed scale of human consciousness. He found that, while much of the world’s population struggles to maintain a level of consciousness sufficient for the long-term survival of the human race, active spiritual consciousness compensates for, and counterbalances, 750,000 people who are below the key survival level. Well, who would have know how powerful a regular, unassuming lightworker could be?

According to Hawkins’ work, if you simply pursue your spiritual development practices, then, just by being on the planet and doing what you love to do, you’re quite a miracle worker!

Stage 7 heart-powered consciousness can also be called the Ascension Frequency because it powers the upcoming global ascension from third density to fourth-density physicality. In retrospect, it has been obvious, since The Shift began in the 1960s, that humanity is being prepared for an upgrade on a cosmic scale. Everything we can do to help the world spiritually hastens the day that humanity will be ready for the big event of The Shift, ready for the day that “the earth shall rise in the heavens.”

In today’s early days of Stage 7 consciousness, we are just beginning to sense how it will manifest, so I was very glad to see a recent video by spiritual consciousness expert, Penny Kelly. She called the video, ‘The Dragon of Love,’ as she sees a great awakening of love just waiting to emerge from under a dense underbrush of fears, worries, and stubborn thinking.

Penny documented the nature of true, unconditional love in plain, understandable language and, like Spiral Dynamics, honors the previous phases of human development like courage, curiosity, and creativity.

She defines unconditional love as an honest response from the inner, core self.

She sees unconditional love as something that shines through when you drop all illusions, fears, and anger as those are obstacles to your ability to rise to the challenge of big changes in life.

The Love that is the one Source, she continues, is the source of all life, the core that is within all things. There are many ways that this love can emerge in helping you face today’s challenges, and here are some of her insightful definitions:

Love expressed as Support
Listening to others and encouraging them to pursue their visions or dreams. It is also the willingness to see a need and fill it, to see a hurt and heal it, to know a truth and hold it, and to nurture a vision and pursue it.

Love expressed as Allowance
Letting go of the past. Taking care of the self gently and allowing others the space to do the same. It also means having the strength to set new habits without having to reform others.

Love expressed as Patience
Nurturing those around you, again without forcing them to conform to your expectations.

Love expressed as Integrity
Having the determination to set things right by aligning them with ethics and morals that protect life in all its forms. We each have a moral compass called our inner being or sometimes just “the still, small voice within.”

Love expressed as Honesty
The willingness to be realistic, and to be honest about what we see, hear, think, and feel.

Love expressed as Grace
Having the grace to let yourself flow naturally through each day, to wish another well, and to wish yourself well.

Love expressed as Courage
Love is the courage to align yourself with inner truth and yet respect the choices and alignments of others. It can bring the excitement of the unknown when facing change and adopting a sense of being in charge rather than a sense of being a victim. If you are ever attacked, love is the willingness to stand in your integrity and, while being fully willing to defend yourself, refusing to over-engage more than is needed to make the attack stop.

Love expressed as Curiosity
The willingness to see possibilities and to go beyond limitation simply because of curiosity.

Love expressed as Creativity
Finding ways to improve things using the resources at hand in new or better ways.

Love expressed as Growth
Love brings the confidence to accept everything the world offers and use it to improve yourself. It is also the willingness to regularly be in the stillness with the wisdom of your inner Self to review your feelings about recent events in your life.

Finally, in The Dragon of Love, Penny reminds us that a return to love will set that dragon free, allowing us to become new humans and build a new world.

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The New Enlightenment Has Dawned

by Owen Waters

I am reminded that, back in the days of the Harmonic Convergence in 1987, cosmologist Christine Page along with Gregg Braden and Ervin Laszlo announced that a Great Period of Change would start in 1987 and end in 2023.

During the Harmonic Convergence event from August 16-17, 1987, thousands of spiritual people gathered at sacred sites around the planet to meditate for peace on Earth. After it was over, nothing seemed to change and, so, many were disappointed.

Apparently, global changes take a little time to manifest because, just two years later, demolition of the Berlin Wall began and the promise of peace replaced the Cold War and its constant threat of nuclear annihilation.

Today, we have two timelines in play. In the months and years ahead, those timelines will diverge and people will follow the one of their choice, eventually losing the opportunity to switch from one to the other.

Those who choose the kinder, gentler timeline are now awakening to the fact that the era of the New Enlightenment has dawned. It began right on schedule in mid-2023, exactly as predicted. This is a long-awaited quantum leap in human consciousness which was foretold by a ground-breaking psychology professor in the 1970s. The new frequency of consciousness now in effect sets the human mind free to be creative, kind and constructive in ways that will transform the world into a remarkably better place.

My new book, “The New Enlightenment: Transformation into an Age of Abundance” reveals the metaphysical drivers behind today’s revolution in human consciousness. With this understanding, you can engage in the New Enlightenment to bring complete abundance into all aspects of your life, whether you seek financial abundance, better friendships, good health, enlightening spiritual growth, or all of the above.

The dawn of the New Enlightenment means that we now have the readiness to face any challenge in life with inspired resourcefulness. Spiritual seekers find the new mindset especially helpful as actively engaging in it can be ten times more effective in gaining enlightenment than passive meditation practices!

I encourage you to read this book again and again as it opens the door to a beautiful life filled with purpose, abundance, and true inner joy.

If you don’t already have a copy, “The New Enlightenment: Transformation into an Age of Abundance” is available at:

Proof of the Existence of the Creator

by Owen Waters

Science generally promotes the idea of a Big Bang, from which the universe is said to have literally exploded into life. The problem science faces with this theory is the difficulty that such an event would face in being successful in creating life.

In his book, The Life of the Cosmos, physicist Lee Smolin details the many variables which had to be exactly balanced in order for the universe to unfold into living order, rather than random chaos.

The mass of the proton, the strength of gravity, the range of the weak nuclear force, and dozens of other variables determine how a universe will unfold after a Big Bang. If any of these values had been just slightly different, the universe would have become a disorganized pool of hot plasma where galaxies and solar systems were unable to form.

In order to make a universe that supports life, the numbers have to be exactly right.

What are the mathematical chances of an accidental Big Bang producing a universe that produces life as we know it?

One chance in 10229

That’s one chance in 10 to the power 229.

To spell it out, that’s exactly one chance in…


Basically, not much chance at all!

What are the chances of an intelligent Creator getting the mix just right so that the universe can support life?

Well, we’re here aren’t we?

Now, Here’s What Really Happened at the Dawn of Creation

So much for the physics and its favorite tool, mathematics. But, to realize what really happened at the dawn of the Creation of the Universe, you need metaphysics to illuminate the path.

The real starting point of the universe was the Divine Love of the Creator.

This was necessary in order to contain what came next, the impetus for Expansion.

Today, the Expansion pressure slightly exceeds the magnetic containment power of the framework provided by Divine Love.

At our physical level of existence, this results in the steady expansion of our region of the universe at the speed of light, creating a constant flow of energy within that space at the speed of light.

The Nature of Energy

Physics defines energy as the potential for doing work but they don’t know what it is.

Spiritual metaphysics defines energy as compressed Divine consciousness.

For other fascinating secrets, see Spiritual Metaphysics: Answers to the Great Mysteries of Life.

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How Time is Changing

by Owen Waters

Part of The Shift to the New Reality involves a change in our experience of the passage of time. People often comment on how time seems to be passing much faster today than it did just 10 or 20 years ago. It’s not because we’re getting older; it’s because our experience of time is changing.

This is occurring because the frequency of human consciousness is rising, so the experience of the passage of time has accelerated. The speed of the orbit of the planets is still the same, the speed of light is still the same, and everything in the outside world is still the same, but our experience has changed.

Experiential time is the experience of time, as in “time flies” or “time drags.” It is subjective, as opposed to the objective time of the outside world.

Our internal experience of the passage of time can vary considerably. When a person is not happy in their work, for example, the time clock on the wall seems to take forever to turn and the end of the working day seems to take an eternity to arrive. On the other hand, when a person is joyful and excited about what they are doing, their consciousness is vibrating at a higher frequency and, for them, the experience of time flies at a fast rate.

As they say, “Time flies when you’re having fun.”

Energetically, the difference is that joy is expressed through higher, heart-centered consciousness while boredom takes one deep into the lower frequency of the solar plexus center of consciousness.

When you are bored, your perception of time runs slowly because your consciousness vibrates at a slower frequency. When you are filled with joy and engaged in favorite activities with people you love, your consciousness vibrates at a higher frequency and your perception of time runs more quickly.

The principle at work here is that the perception of experiential time varies with frequency of consciousness. Experiential time runs faster at higher frequencies.

Why the Difference Matters

The shift from Old Reality consciousness to New Reality, heart-centered consciousness includes a shift in our perception of time. Heart-centered consciousness brings with it an increasing degree of freedom from objective time. It makes life’s experiences more important to your consciousness than the passage of time. Life becomes a chain of experiences which seem to expand and contract the time that they take to occur. The objective time continuum is the same, but the perception of the experience is different.

The key to understanding this is that, because life in the objective world is a projection of the greater reality that exists within you, then a shift to higher consciousness brings you closer to the reality within. At that point, objective time loses some of its importance and the inner experience of time takes on more importance.

How Timing Will Change in the Future

As people’s frequency of awareness rises up through fourth-density consciousness, they will become more attuned to the synchronicity that is offered by an experiential approach to time. The more people become mentally attuned to others, the more they manifest synchronicity in their lives.

Eventually, when experiential time is given more attention than objective time, people will arrange to meet each other, not by making appointments in their calendars, but by both knowing when the time is right for such a meeting.

At work, the attuned person will know from their soul-fed intuition which task is most important for them to address right at that moment and this will lead to even more synchronicity with the minds of other, intuitively-driven people.

The Reason Intuition Works

The intuitive mind senses the reality of all situations in ways that the objective mind of the physical senses cannot. When a situation develops into fruition, in which it can best be addressed for most effect, the intuitive mind has that perfect sense of timing and can help all those involved in handling the situation.

In fourth-density, heart-centered consciousness, because more attention is placed upon the inner reality than the outer world of clockwork motion, life becomes more fluid and less rigid, based upon an intuitive sense of what action is right at any moment in time. Timing becomes everything, but in a way that the objective, physical mind cannot possibly comprehend.

Intuition feeds synchronicity, so the experience of time, with its expansions and contractions, takes on more importance than the fixed pace of the outer world’s objective time.

Higher consciousness adds more abilities to the ones we have already developed. Intuitive perception leading to perfect synchronicity is a perfect example of the growth that awaits us as we step into the New Reality.

For more insights into New Reality consciousness, see Owen Waters’ book, Love, Light, Laughter: The New Spirituality.

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There Was No Big Bang

by Owen Waters, 13 Jan 2024

Materialistic science speculates on how the universe was created. Currently, the Big Bang theory is the most popular way to imagine how a universe full of life could have emerged from nothing.

New scientific discoveries come a lot easier when you include consciousness in the picture, especially the all-pervasive consciousness of the Creator of the universe. My favorite question in times of reflection on such matters is, “How did the Creator manage to do that?”

Many years ago, I reduced what may be called the Law of Creation to its simplest fundamentals. It states that Creation occurs when Divine thought and Divine feeling are set into complementary motion.

Some people might choose more poetic terms, such as intention instead of thought and love instead of feeling, but the simplest terms are more all-encompassing. For example, the dense physical versions of Divine thought and feeling are electricity and magnetism. Like their parent energies, they are quite different in nature to each other. They even operate along different axes – perpendicular at ninety degrees, not parallel to each other. If you set the energies of electricity and magnetism into motion at the right frequency, you produce visible light.

When curiosity originally stirred Infinite Being from its eternal state of placid perfection into a motion-filled exploration of possibilities, the Law of Creation was the necessary method employed for this adventure. Separating Divine consciousness into two different elements, thought and feeling or yang and yin, then setting them into motion, made possible an infinite variety of experiences.

Before the Beginning

Long before the universe came into existence, the Creator aspect of Infinite Being began its explorations by simply wanting to see and experience itself from different viewpoints. First, it split itself into two parts. This allowed Part A to sense and observe Part B from a different perspective. Then, the concept of space was born so that more parts could be created within the envelope of space and they could all view the other parts from their locations.

Density Layers of Existence

From our current-day perspective, we live in a universe containing nine major density layers, or realms of existence, each one more compressed than the one above it. The least dense (and most expansive) layer is ninth density (9D), which is home to galaxy-size fields of consciousness.

The Invention of Time

Once the idea of galaxies took shape, the concept of time had to be added into the mix. Galaxies could then travel within the envelope of space in cycles of time. Even though everything in Creation is fundamentally part of the Great Here and Now, the inventions of space and time make infinite variety possible.

Ultimately, each instant of time is just another expression of the one great Now, but it is made to appear different by giving each instant its own frequency signature, making each moment appear different from the previous one.

Bear in mind that frequency signatures are more than just different frequencies. They have different thought and feeling components as well as motion, so they have an almost infinite variety of possible signatures to differentiate themselves from others.

Creation by Compression

As detailed in my book, Spiritual Metaphysics: Answers to the Great Mysteries of Life, the higher cosmic densities are home to the core consciousness of galaxies (9D), solar systems (8D), and planets (7D). Then, the next three densities were created by compressing Divine consciousness even further.

Sixth density (6D) is home to angels and archangels. In their full aspects, archangels are global spirits whose enormous fields of awareness surround the world. The creation of sixth density opened the door to further compression, creating realms which would support the human experience. Fifth density (5D) is home to human soul consciousness and is a nonphysical realm of spiritual light and sound energies. Traditionally, 5D is referred to as the higher mental realms. Fourth density (4D) is home to spirits in the afterlife and also supports physical humans.

The universe, from our perspective, is the third density (3D) basic physical realm we currently call home. It was created, like all realms above it, by the further compression of the Divine mind. There was no sudden Big Bang event in 3D, creating the universe as we know it. The motion of the stars was created by Divine intention in higher densities long before the physical density realm existed.

Our physical world was created in a nonphysical density and then, in sacred silence, compressed into being.

No Big Bang necessary.

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Can There Be Anything New in the Universe?

by Owen Waters

The consciousness behind all of Creation has been given many names, including Infinite Being, God, Brahman, Tao, Spirit, and the Absolute. The term Infinite Being is reflective of the all-inclusive, all-knowing, all-present nature of that Divine consciousness.

Some say that there can be nothing new within the all-inclusive beingness behind the Creation of the universe. All possibilities must already exist within Infinite Being, otherwise it would be incomplete and therefore not infinite and all-encompassing.

But, is that the end of the story? What about human creativity? For example, did the invention of the wheel simply express something that already existed? If so, where were the preexisting wheels hiding? Now, that is a mystery! Perhaps it was just the idea of the wheel that preexisted. But, even an idea would have needed to have started at some point as something new.

After billions of years of creating, carefully developing, and maintaining the universe, the Creator added human beings into the mix. After all that time of preparation, it seems that the universe was ready for humans with their empowering attributes of intelligence, memory, and free will.

As humans, we are created to search for novel solutions to any problems we encounter. We face challenges with curiosity and intelligence, leading to new discoveries and increases in our library of knowledge.

As humans, we volunteered to incarnate into a world that is so dense that we feel isolated from the higher aspects of our own consciousness. Our souls, based in a finer density of existence, do their best to offer higher guidance in the hope that we will make strides forward in the types of experiences we expect to gain in our lives.

If humans are intended to create novelty, i.e. new ideas, new solutions, and new objects, then it must be for good reason. Actually, it comes down to the same answer to the longest-standing metaphysical mystery on earth. In my book, Discover Your Purpose In Life, I told the story of how, in 2007, an archangelic being surprised me with a visit and, knowing that I would distribute such information, revealed the answer to that mystery.

The big question of all time was why, when Infinite Being is perfection in every way, did it want to move from just being into an active state of doing? To put it bluntly, why would it move into a state of imperfection so that it, through human consciousness, could find its way back to the perfection it already had? It was a total mystery, a conundrum of Creation.

Why would Infinite Being venture forth from pure beingness into action and embark upon a journey in search of perfection that it already has?

Nevertheless, here we are, sparks of the divine acting out the edict that we function as uniquely different beings so that Infinite Being can add our diversity into its unity. This means that the great Oneness is becoming, not the great Sameness with everyone all being identical to everyone else, but the great Variety, a gathering of infinite differences in joyful unity with our hearts vibrating as one.

So, can there be anything new in the universe? Yes, we create newness each and every day. It is our mission to use our God-given curiosity as we observe, learn, love, and create new solutions to every possible manifestation of the mysterious ways of life.

P.S. You can empower your own path through life with enlightening insights, such as the many contained within our collection of books.

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The Nature of the Soul

by Owen Waters

Your soul is your immortal inner being. It existed before time began and it will always exist, even when you merge back in your ultimate spiritual home as a conscious aspect of Infinite Being – the Divine Source of all life.

Out of the 12 levels or density layers of existence, we, in this physical realm, are in 3rd density. The soul is in 5th density, and Infinite Being is beyond the 12th. Your soul is your individualized spiritual presence, operating in 5th density and it maintains communication with the souls of everyone with whom you interact in daily life.

The soul world of 5th density is non-physical, our dense physical world is in 3rd density, while 4th density – the afterlife or spirit world – is quasi-physical. The term quasi-physical means that the spirit world is solid to its residents, even though they are etheric or ghost-like when compared to our dense physical structures. Spirits can, and do, bump into each other in the spirit realms because they are solid relative to each other.

Life in the spirit world is much like life in our dense physical world, except that there are certain freedoms that come with having a less dense body. The ability to levitate is one such freedom and, better still, spirits can project themselves almost instantly to another location and suddenly appear there. It just takes mental focus and – whoosh – they appear at the target location.

You don’t see people wearing spectacles in the spirit world because their sense of sight works as a direct perception rather than through their eyes in the way that we use our eyes. They can focus telescopically on distant objects to make them appear near, and they can focus microscopically on a nearby object, right down to its atomic structure. Their sense of hearing, too, can be focused to pick up sounds at great distances.

When we in the physical world are able to replicate the principles behind ‘astral projection’, we, too, will have instant transportation to other locations. Then, it’ll be bye-bye to cars, trucks, trains, planes and rocket ships.

5th density is the start of non-physical existence, so your soul is a non-physical sphere of consciousness. It has the freedom to relocate both in time and space but it spends most of its time catering to the needs of its physical, incarnate self.

In 5th density, when one soul meets another they recognize each other, not from any physical appearance, but from their unique signature vibration. Each soul emits a unique signature tone which is a form of mental energy that is perceived as a subtle sound.

Your soul is the recorder and cataloger of all of your experiences as you add your contribution to the vast array of human experience on earth. A major portion of your soul consciousness lives right here in 3rd density with you, tending to your every spiritual need. As your inner self, your soul knows you better than anyone else in the world does, and it’s available for consultation 24/7. The limiting factor is how much your physical mind will allow and accept intuitive, soul-originated thoughts.

In order to live a life inspired by intuitive, inner wisdom you need only make a decision to do just that. Open up your awareness to the whisperings of your intuitive nature. Practice following your innermost hunches. Make a note of them so that you can look back later and see how accurate they have become.

Don’t be deterred if your hunches seem inaccurate during your early attempts. It happens that way to most people. Just keep practicing and very soon your hunches will start turning into a resource so valuable that you’ll wonder what you did without it.

Owen Waters is the author of Higher Consciousness: Finding Peace and Joy Above the Noise.

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Love and Light to the World

by Owen Waters

We live in times of crisis, chaos, and opportunity for growth.

Looked at from your soul’s perspective, you could say that we live in deeply interesting times because of the great challenges we face. In fact, the rate of change of many things in the world today has sped up to an almost bewildering degree.

Amid the push and tug of contemporary conflicts and beneath all surface appearances, our future is being formed in a way that is building into a transformative tidal wave of change. It is being formed in a place in which we all share, yet most people are unaware even of its existence. That place is called the mind belt.

The mind belt is the mental atmosphere of human thought and feeling that surrounds the planet. Our subconscious minds are immersed in it; our superconscious minds are fully aware of it, yet our conscious minds rarely even glimpse its existence. Even so, our minds share in its atmosphere and we feed it with our own thoughts and feelings just like everyone else.

Let’s stop and think for a moment. Is it better to feed the global mind atmosphere with thoughts of anger, division, fear and desperation, or is it better to offer something more inspirational as our donation to the world’s mind belt?

The question hardly needs answering. As lightworkers we know how to raise our consciousness. While others spend their energy in anger and hate or in scheming to gain more power at the expense of others, we know that the future lies in the next step up the ladder of awareness, which is heart-centered consciousness.

The question is, how do you avoid being pulled down into the mire of human conflict when you want to create a state of harmony for yourself and others?

I’m so glad you asked… 🙂

Here is a technique you can use to create an enlightened space of consciousness for yourself and heal the world at the same time. It is called the Love and Light Technique.

The Love and Light Technique

Several times a day – whenever the thought arises – take a pause to refresh your state of consciousness. Any time you get the chance to enter a quiet space within for a few moments without distraction, you can begin by focusing on your breath.

Imagine, with each in-breath, the air you breathe in is filled with brilliant, energy-charged light. Breathe this light energy into the heart area in the center of your chest.

Then, on each out-breath, mentally focus on the words,

“Love and light to the world.”

Breathe in light, then let it out into the world, conditioned with the intention of love and light. Repeat at least twice more… and many more times when you can.

Do your part to fill the world with love and light. It changes your own state of consciousness and it helps heal the world in these desperate times of crisis.

With crisis comes opportunity. The opportunity to become who you really are, to manifest your soul’s true mission in life.

This is what we as lightworkers are here to do. To change the world. The Love and Light Technique empowers your ability to help humanity, to usher in the New Reality of love, light, and creative freedom of the spirit.

About the author: Owen Waters is the author of Love, Light, Laughter: The New Spirituality.

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There is a Place

by Dreama Vance

There is a place within me. I call it the dwelling place. It is a place where I can sit down and just be. It is a place where I can rest. I can let go of all the cares and worries of the world. I can be quiet and shut out the noise of the day. So sometimes I call it the resting place.

It is a place. It is a place within me where I can go and be still.

Just for five minutes I can rest and be still.

I don’t have to pray. I don’t have to ask for anything. I don’t have to save the world and I don’t have to be spiritual. I don’t have to use the right words or the right techniques to find God, understand God or have God do anything for me.

I can just rest and be still.

Oh, it is a blessed place to just be quiet and not have to do anything.

As I rest in this place within my being, it feels like the lap of water against the side of a moored sailboat. That gentle rocking motion, so soothing. It flows over me, rocking me, soothing and calming. Like a babe rocked in mother’s arms, held close to the heart, the fretfulness falls away. Peace is restored. I can breathe again, I notice, as I release a deep sigh.

The dwelling place. It renews me. It restores me. I want to live in this place all the time. That is why I call it the dwelling place. I want to reside here, dwell here. I know such peace in this place. I feel beautiful here; beauty surrounds me.

I feel nurtured here in this place. All of the broken pieces of me are knit up. I’m not broken any more. I am made whole again.

I notice the Sun is shining gently, smiling on my spirit. Everything is gentle in this place. It is a place of ease and flow. Ease and flow. I call this grace. This grace flows through me and I am part of it.

It is my dwelling place.

It is my dwelling place.


*Recommendation: For the how-to manual on achieving bliss consciousness, see Owen Waters latest e-book, “Higher Consciousness: Finding Peace and Joy Above the Noise.”

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