The New Enlightenment Has Dawned

by Owen Waters

I am reminded that, back in the days of the Harmonic Convergence in 1987, cosmologist Christine Page along with Gregg Braden and Ervin Laszlo announced that a Great Period of Change would start in 1987 and end in 2023.

During the Harmonic Convergence event from August 16-17, 1987, thousands of spiritual people gathered at sacred sites around the planet to meditate for peace on Earth. After it was over, nothing seemed to change and, so, many were disappointed.

Apparently, global changes take a little time to manifest because, just two years later, demolition of the Berlin Wall began and the promise of peace replaced the Cold War and its constant threat of nuclear annihilation.

Today, we have two timelines in play. In the months and years ahead, those timelines will diverge and people will follow the one of their choice, eventually losing the opportunity to switch from one to the other.

Those who choose the kinder, gentler timeline are now awakening to the fact that the era of the New Enlightenment has dawned. It began right on schedule in mid-2023, exactly as predicted. This is a long-awaited quantum leap in human consciousness which was foretold by a ground-breaking psychology professor in the 1970s. The new frequency of consciousness now in effect sets the human mind free to be creative, kind and constructive in ways that will transform the world into a remarkably better place.

My new book, “The New Enlightenment: Transformation into an Age of Abundance” reveals the metaphysical drivers behind today’s revolution in human consciousness. With this understanding, you can engage in the New Enlightenment to bring complete abundance into all aspects of your life, whether you seek financial abundance, better friendships, good health, enlightening spiritual growth, or all of the above.

The dawn of the New Enlightenment means that we now have the readiness to face any challenge in life with inspired resourcefulness. Spiritual seekers find the new mindset especially helpful as actively engaging in it can be ten times more effective in gaining enlightenment than passive meditation practices!

I encourage you to read this book again and again as it opens the door to a beautiful life filled with purpose, abundance, and true inner joy.

If you don’t already have a copy, “The New Enlightenment: Transformation into an Age of Abundance” is available at:

Proof of the Existence of the Creator

by Owen Waters

Science generally promotes the idea of a Big Bang, from which the universe is said to have literally exploded into life. The problem science faces with this theory is the difficulty that such an event would face in being successful in creating life.

In his book, The Life of the Cosmos, physicist Lee Smolin details the many variables which had to be exactly balanced in order for the universe to unfold into living order, rather than random chaos.

The mass of the proton, the strength of gravity, the range of the weak nuclear force, and dozens of other variables determine how a universe will unfold after a Big Bang. If any of these values had been just slightly different, the universe would have become a disorganized pool of hot plasma where galaxies and solar systems were unable to form.

In order to make a universe that supports life, the numbers have to be exactly right.

What are the mathematical chances of an accidental Big Bang producing a universe that produces life as we know it?

One chance in 10229

That’s one chance in 10 to the power 229.

To spell it out, that’s exactly one chance in…


Basically, not much chance at all!

What are the chances of an intelligent Creator getting the mix just right so that the universe can support life?

Well, we’re here aren’t we?

Now, Here’s What Really Happened at the Dawn of Creation

So much for the physics and its favorite tool, mathematics. But, to realize what really happened at the dawn of the Creation of the Universe, you need metaphysics to illuminate the path.

The real starting point of the universe was the Divine Love of the Creator.

This was necessary in order to contain what came next, the impetus for Expansion.

Today, the Expansion pressure slightly exceeds the magnetic containment power of the framework provided by Divine Love.

At our physical level of existence, this results in the steady expansion of our region of the universe at the speed of light, creating a constant flow of energy within that space at the speed of light.

The Nature of Energy

Physics defines energy as the potential for doing work but they don’t know what it is.

Spiritual metaphysics defines energy as compressed Divine consciousness.

For other fascinating secrets, see Spiritual Metaphysics: Answers to the Great Mysteries of Life.

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How Time is Changing

by Owen Waters

Part of The Shift to the New Reality involves a change in our experience of the passage of time. People often comment on how time seems to be passing much faster today than it did just 10 or 20 years ago. It’s not because we’re getting older; it’s because our experience of time is changing.

This is occurring because the frequency of human consciousness is rising, so the experience of the passage of time has accelerated. The speed of the orbit of the planets is still the same, the speed of light is still the same, and everything in the outside world is still the same, but our experience has changed.

Experiential time is the experience of time, as in “time flies” or “time drags.” It is subjective, as opposed to the objective time of the outside world.

Our internal experience of the passage of time can vary considerably. When a person is not happy in their work, for example, the time clock on the wall seems to take forever to turn and the end of the working day seems to take an eternity to arrive. On the other hand, when a person is joyful and excited about what they are doing, their consciousness is vibrating at a higher frequency and, for them, the experience of time flies at a fast rate.

As they say, “Time flies when you’re having fun.”

Energetically, the difference is that joy is expressed through higher, heart-centered consciousness while boredom takes one deep into the lower frequency of the solar plexus center of consciousness.

When you are bored, your perception of time runs slowly because your consciousness vibrates at a slower frequency. When you are filled with joy and engaged in favorite activities with people you love, your consciousness vibrates at a higher frequency and your perception of time runs more quickly.

The principle at work here is that the perception of experiential time varies with frequency of consciousness. Experiential time runs faster at higher frequencies.

Why the Difference Matters

The shift from Old Reality consciousness to New Reality, heart-centered consciousness includes a shift in our perception of time. Heart-centered consciousness brings with it an increasing degree of freedom from objective time. It makes life’s experiences more important to your consciousness than the passage of time. Life becomes a chain of experiences which seem to expand and contract the time that they take to occur. The objective time continuum is the same, but the perception of the experience is different.

The key to understanding this is that, because life in the objective world is a projection of the greater reality that exists within you, then a shift to higher consciousness brings you closer to the reality within. At that point, objective time loses some of its importance and the inner experience of time takes on more importance.

How Timing Will Change in the Future

As people’s frequency of awareness rises up through fourth-density consciousness, they will become more attuned to the synchronicity that is offered by an experiential approach to time. The more people become mentally attuned to others, the more they manifest synchronicity in their lives.

Eventually, when experiential time is given more attention than objective time, people will arrange to meet each other, not by making appointments in their calendars, but by both knowing when the time is right for such a meeting.

At work, the attuned person will know from their soul-fed intuition which task is most important for them to address right at that moment and this will lead to even more synchronicity with the minds of other, intuitively-driven people.

The Reason Intuition Works

The intuitive mind senses the reality of all situations in ways that the objective mind of the physical senses cannot. When a situation develops into fruition, in which it can best be addressed for most effect, the intuitive mind has that perfect sense of timing and can help all those involved in handling the situation.

In fourth-density, heart-centered consciousness, because more attention is placed upon the inner reality than the outer world of clockwork motion, life becomes more fluid and less rigid, based upon an intuitive sense of what action is right at any moment in time. Timing becomes everything, but in a way that the objective, physical mind cannot possibly comprehend.

Intuition feeds synchronicity, so the experience of time, with its expansions and contractions, takes on more importance than the fixed pace of the outer world’s objective time.

Higher consciousness adds more abilities to the ones we have already developed. Intuitive perception leading to perfect synchronicity is a perfect example of the growth that awaits us as we step into the New Reality.

For more insights into New Reality consciousness, see Owen Waters’ book, Love, Light, Laughter: The New Spirituality.

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There Was No Big Bang

by Owen Waters, 13 Jan 2024

Materialistic science speculates on how the universe was created. Currently, the Big Bang theory is the most popular way to imagine how a universe full of life could have emerged from nothing.

New scientific discoveries come a lot easier when you include consciousness in the picture, especially the all-pervasive consciousness of the Creator of the universe. My favorite question in times of reflection on such matters is, “How did the Creator manage to do that?”

Many years ago, I reduced what may be called the Law of Creation to its simplest fundamentals. It states that Creation occurs when Divine thought and Divine feeling are set into complementary motion.

Some people might choose more poetic terms, such as intention instead of thought and love instead of feeling, but the simplest terms are more all-encompassing. For example, the dense physical versions of Divine thought and feeling are electricity and magnetism. Like their parent energies, they are quite different in nature to each other. They even operate along different axes – perpendicular at ninety degrees, not parallel to each other. If you set the energies of electricity and magnetism into motion at the right frequency, you produce visible light.

When curiosity originally stirred Infinite Being from its eternal state of placid perfection into a motion-filled exploration of possibilities, the Law of Creation was the necessary method employed for this adventure. Separating Divine consciousness into two different elements, thought and feeling or yang and yin, then setting them into motion, made possible an infinite variety of experiences.

Before the Beginning

Long before the universe came into existence, the Creator aspect of Infinite Being began its explorations by simply wanting to see and experience itself from different viewpoints. First, it split itself into two parts. This allowed Part A to sense and observe Part B from a different perspective. Then, the concept of space was born so that more parts could be created within the envelope of space and they could all view the other parts from their locations.

Density Layers of Existence

From our current-day perspective, we live in a universe containing nine major density layers, or realms of existence, each one more compressed than the one above it. The least dense (and most expansive) layer is ninth density (9D), which is home to galaxy-size fields of consciousness.

The Invention of Time

Once the idea of galaxies took shape, the concept of time had to be added into the mix. Galaxies could then travel within the envelope of space in cycles of time. Even though everything in Creation is fundamentally part of the Great Here and Now, the inventions of space and time make infinite variety possible.

Ultimately, each instant of time is just another expression of the one great Now, but it is made to appear different by giving each instant its own frequency signature, making each moment appear different from the previous one.

Bear in mind that frequency signatures are more than just different frequencies. They have different thought and feeling components as well as motion, so they have an almost infinite variety of possible signatures to differentiate themselves from others.

Creation by Compression

As detailed in my book, Spiritual Metaphysics: Answers to the Great Mysteries of Life, the higher cosmic densities are home to the core consciousness of galaxies (9D), solar systems (8D), and planets (7D). Then, the next three densities were created by compressing Divine consciousness even further.

Sixth density (6D) is home to angels and archangels. In their full aspects, archangels are global spirits whose enormous fields of awareness surround the world. The creation of sixth density opened the door to further compression, creating realms which would support the human experience. Fifth density (5D) is home to human soul consciousness and is a nonphysical realm of spiritual light and sound energies. Traditionally, 5D is referred to as the higher mental realms. Fourth density (4D) is home to spirits in the afterlife and also supports physical humans.

The universe, from our perspective, is the third density (3D) basic physical realm we currently call home. It was created, like all realms above it, by the further compression of the Divine mind. There was no sudden Big Bang event in 3D, creating the universe as we know it. The motion of the stars was created by Divine intention in higher densities long before the physical density realm existed.

Our physical world was created in a nonphysical density and then, in sacred silence, compressed into being.

No Big Bang necessary.

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Can There Be Anything New in the Universe?

by Owen Waters

The consciousness behind all of Creation has been given many names, including Infinite Being, God, Brahman, Tao, Spirit, and the Absolute. The term Infinite Being is reflective of the all-inclusive, all-knowing, all-present nature of that Divine consciousness.

Some say that there can be nothing new within the all-inclusive beingness behind the Creation of the universe. All possibilities must already exist within Infinite Being, otherwise it would be incomplete and therefore not infinite and all-encompassing.

But, is that the end of the story? What about human creativity? For example, did the invention of the wheel simply express something that already existed? If so, where were the preexisting wheels hiding? Now, that is a mystery! Perhaps it was just the idea of the wheel that preexisted. But, even an idea would have needed to have started at some point as something new.

After billions of years of creating, carefully developing, and maintaining the universe, the Creator added human beings into the mix. After all that time of preparation, it seems that the universe was ready for humans with their empowering attributes of intelligence, memory, and free will.

As humans, we are created to search for novel solutions to any problems we encounter. We face challenges with curiosity and intelligence, leading to new discoveries and increases in our library of knowledge.

As humans, we volunteered to incarnate into a world that is so dense that we feel isolated from the higher aspects of our own consciousness. Our souls, based in a finer density of existence, do their best to offer higher guidance in the hope that we will make strides forward in the types of experiences we expect to gain in our lives.

If humans are intended to create novelty, i.e. new ideas, new solutions, and new objects, then it must be for good reason. Actually, it comes down to the same answer to the longest-standing metaphysical mystery on earth. In my book, Discover Your Purpose In Life, I told the story of how, in 2007, an archangelic being surprised me with a visit and, knowing that I would distribute such information, revealed the answer to that mystery.

The big question of all time was why, when Infinite Being is perfection in every way, did it want to move from just being into an active state of doing? To put it bluntly, why would it move into a state of imperfection so that it, through human consciousness, could find its way back to the perfection it already had? It was a total mystery, a conundrum of Creation.

Why would Infinite Being venture forth from pure beingness into action and embark upon a journey in search of perfection that it already has?

Nevertheless, here we are, sparks of the divine acting out the edict that we function as uniquely different beings so that Infinite Being can add our diversity into its unity. This means that the great Oneness is becoming, not the great Sameness with everyone all being identical to everyone else, but the great Variety, a gathering of infinite differences in joyful unity with our hearts vibrating as one.

So, can there be anything new in the universe? Yes, we create newness each and every day. It is our mission to use our God-given curiosity as we observe, learn, love, and create new solutions to every possible manifestation of the mysterious ways of life.

P.S. You can empower your own path through life with enlightening insights, such as the many contained within our collection of books.

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The Nature of the Soul

by Owen Waters

Your soul is your immortal inner being. It existed before time began and it will always exist, even when you merge back in your ultimate spiritual home as a conscious aspect of Infinite Being – the Divine Source of all life.

Out of the 12 levels or density layers of existence, we, in this physical realm, are in 3rd density. The soul is in 5th density, and Infinite Being is beyond the 12th. Your soul is your individualized spiritual presence, operating in 5th density and it maintains communication with the souls of everyone with whom you interact in daily life.

The soul world of 5th density is non-physical, our dense physical world is in 3rd density, while 4th density – the afterlife or spirit world – is quasi-physical. The term quasi-physical means that the spirit world is solid to its residents, even though they are etheric or ghost-like when compared to our dense physical structures. Spirits can, and do, bump into each other in the spirit realms because they are solid relative to each other.

Life in the spirit world is much like life in our dense physical world, except that there are certain freedoms that come with having a less dense body. The ability to levitate is one such freedom and, better still, spirits can project themselves almost instantly to another location and suddenly appear there. It just takes mental focus and – whoosh – they appear at the target location.

You don’t see people wearing spectacles in the spirit world because their sense of sight works as a direct perception rather than through their eyes in the way that we use our eyes. They can focus telescopically on distant objects to make them appear near, and they can focus microscopically on a nearby object, right down to its atomic structure. Their sense of hearing, too, can be focused to pick up sounds at great distances.

When we in the physical world are able to replicate the principles behind ‘astral projection’, we, too, will have instant transportation to other locations. Then, it’ll be bye-bye to cars, trucks, trains, planes and rocket ships.

5th density is the start of non-physical existence, so your soul is a non-physical sphere of consciousness. It has the freedom to relocate both in time and space but it spends most of its time catering to the needs of its physical, incarnate self.

In 5th density, when one soul meets another they recognize each other, not from any physical appearance, but from their unique signature vibration. Each soul emits a unique signature tone which is a form of mental energy that is perceived as a subtle sound.

Your soul is the recorder and cataloger of all of your experiences as you add your contribution to the vast array of human experience on earth. A major portion of your soul consciousness lives right here in 3rd density with you, tending to your every spiritual need. As your inner self, your soul knows you better than anyone else in the world does, and it’s available for consultation 24/7. The limiting factor is how much your physical mind will allow and accept intuitive, soul-originated thoughts.

In order to live a life inspired by intuitive, inner wisdom you need only make a decision to do just that. Open up your awareness to the whisperings of your intuitive nature. Practice following your innermost hunches. Make a note of them so that you can look back later and see how accurate they have become.

Don’t be deterred if your hunches seem inaccurate during your early attempts. It happens that way to most people. Just keep practicing and very soon your hunches will start turning into a resource so valuable that you’ll wonder what you did without it.

Owen Waters is the author of Higher Consciousness: Finding Peace and Joy Above the Noise.

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Love and Light to the World

by Owen Waters

We live in times of crisis, chaos, and opportunity for growth.

Looked at from your soul’s perspective, you could say that we live in deeply interesting times because of the great challenges we face. In fact, the rate of change of many things in the world today has sped up to an almost bewildering degree.

Amid the push and tug of contemporary conflicts and beneath all surface appearances, our future is being formed in a way that is building into a transformative tidal wave of change. It is being formed in a place in which we all share, yet most people are unaware even of its existence. That place is called the mind belt.

The mind belt is the mental atmosphere of human thought and feeling that surrounds the planet. Our subconscious minds are immersed in it; our superconscious minds are fully aware of it, yet our conscious minds rarely even glimpse its existence. Even so, our minds share in its atmosphere and we feed it with our own thoughts and feelings just like everyone else.

Let’s stop and think for a moment. Is it better to feed the global mind atmosphere with thoughts of anger, division, fear and desperation, or is it better to offer something more inspirational as our donation to the world’s mind belt?

The question hardly needs answering. As lightworkers we know how to raise our consciousness. While others spend their energy in anger and hate or in scheming to gain more power at the expense of others, we know that the future lies in the next step up the ladder of awareness, which is heart-centered consciousness.

The question is, how do you avoid being pulled down into the mire of human conflict when you want to create a state of harmony for yourself and others?

I’m so glad you asked… 🙂

Here is a technique you can use to create an enlightened space of consciousness for yourself and heal the world at the same time. It is called the Love and Light Technique.

The Love and Light Technique

Several times a day – whenever the thought arises – take a pause to refresh your state of consciousness. Any time you get the chance to enter a quiet space within for a few moments without distraction, you can begin by focusing on your breath.

Imagine, with each in-breath, the air you breathe in is filled with brilliant, energy-charged light. Breathe this light energy into the heart area in the center of your chest.

Then, on each out-breath, mentally focus on the words,

“Love and light to the world.”

Breathe in light, then let it out into the world, conditioned with the intention of love and light. Repeat at least twice more… and many more times when you can.

Do your part to fill the world with love and light. It changes your own state of consciousness and it helps heal the world in these desperate times of crisis.

With crisis comes opportunity. The opportunity to become who you really are, to manifest your soul’s true mission in life.

This is what we as lightworkers are here to do. To change the world. The Love and Light Technique empowers your ability to help humanity, to usher in the New Reality of love, light, and creative freedom of the spirit.

About the author: Owen Waters is the author of Love, Light, Laughter: The New Spirituality.

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There is a Place

by Dreama Vance

There is a place within me. I call it the dwelling place. It is a place where I can sit down and just be. It is a place where I can rest. I can let go of all the cares and worries of the world. I can be quiet and shut out the noise of the day. So sometimes I call it the resting place.

It is a place. It is a place within me where I can go and be still.

Just for five minutes I can rest and be still.

I don’t have to pray. I don’t have to ask for anything. I don’t have to save the world and I don’t have to be spiritual. I don’t have to use the right words or the right techniques to find God, understand God or have God do anything for me.

I can just rest and be still.

Oh, it is a blessed place to just be quiet and not have to do anything.

As I rest in this place within my being, it feels like the lap of water against the side of a moored sailboat. That gentle rocking motion, so soothing. It flows over me, rocking me, soothing and calming. Like a babe rocked in mother’s arms, held close to the heart, the fretfulness falls away. Peace is restored. I can breathe again, I notice, as I release a deep sigh.

The dwelling place. It renews me. It restores me. I want to live in this place all the time. That is why I call it the dwelling place. I want to reside here, dwell here. I know such peace in this place. I feel beautiful here; beauty surrounds me.

I feel nurtured here in this place. All of the broken pieces of me are knit up. I’m not broken any more. I am made whole again.

I notice the Sun is shining gently, smiling on my spirit. Everything is gentle in this place. It is a place of ease and flow. Ease and flow. I call this grace. This grace flows through me and I am part of it.

It is my dwelling place.

It is my dwelling place.


*Recommendation: For the how-to manual on achieving bliss consciousness, see Owen Waters latest e-book, “Higher Consciousness: Finding Peace and Joy Above the Noise.”

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The God Field

by Owen Waters

Cleanliness may be next to godliness, but curiosity gets you even closer. We were endowed with our Creator’s sense of curiosity and that is what bestows upon us the desire to understand the nature of reality.

In this article, you will see that a top-down, Creator-based philosophy can provide answers to the mysteries that elude materialistic science today. The key question one needs to ask to unravel the mysteries of the universe is to first say, “How did the Creator do that?”

By looking at Creation from the top down, this article will even provide the answer to two of the most vexing mysteries in the science of physics today: How is light transmitted and what is the nature of gravity?

Creation was achieved by separating Original Consciousness into two distinct aspects – Pure Thought and Pure Love, then setting them into complementary motion. It is the Pure Love aspect that is compressed into this physical realm as the field which forms the very fabric of space.

Until a century ago, the idea of an all-pervasive field was generally accepted by science. It was considered to be a light-carrying medium and was called the aether, right up until the time that it was abandoned because of a misunderstood experiment.

Consider this: Common sense says that light must be carried by some kind of medium. After all, sound waves are carried through the air and water waves are carried through bodies of water. There is always a medium that carries any type of energy wave. Light waves are vibrations in a medium of some kind, so what is waving? Currently, science is unable to answer that question in any way that satisfies common sense.

The Michelson-Morley experiment of 1887 was the turning point in scientific opinion about the aether. This experiment assumed that, if the Earth moves through a solar system filled with a static aether field, then the speed of the Earth’s orbital travel must affect the speed of light on Earth. If you shine a beam in the direction of orbital travel, it should have a different speed when compared with a beam shone sideways to the direction of travel, as one beam gains some benefit from the speed of the Earth while the other does not. As no difference was detected, it was assumed that no aether field exists.

The fatal flaw in the experiment is that it makes the assumption that the Earth moves through a static aether field in space, but what if a huge physical body like the Earth carries its own aether field with it? It’s not hard to imagine an aetheric aura around the body of Earth just like the aura that exists around your body. If you operate this experiment inside an aetheric field that travels with the Earth, then any motion through the aether will not be apparent because its field is traveling with you.

Today, having abandoned the aether concept, science postulates that space is filled with a vacuum. By definition, a vacuum is nothing, so it cannot be a medium for the propagation of something, so that idea does nothing to fill the gaping hole which has appeared in the science of physics.

The currently-fashionable theory of relativity claims that its mysterious equations do not require a medium for the propagation of light. Instead, it introduces the idea of spacetime as a fabric of space, whatever spacetime is supposed to be. From a common sense perspective, it makes about as much sense as saying, “I’ll be sure to pack a box of time to have with my lunch!”

Meanwhile, God’s big hint about the exact nature of the aether field has been jutting out in plain view for well over a century. In 1862, Maxwell discovered that light is electromagnetic in nature. We have since found that electrons and photons of light are remarkably interchangeable. So, if light waves are electric-like waves traveling through space, then from where does the magnetic part of an electromagnetic wave come? Obviously, it is the magnetic nature of the aether – the fabric of space – that provides the complementary magnetic waves that make up electromagnetic light waves.

A word of caution here: The word aether, or its modern spelling ether, causes a lot of confusion because it sounds very much like the term etheric energy, which is a different energy entirely. Etheric or vital life energy is the life-giving energy used in healing work and qigong.

What can we do to distinguish between the ether as the fabric of space and etheric energy as the vital life energy used by healers? Bring God into the picture!

The best name for the all-pervasive field of Divine love energy that fills our universe is, of course, the God field!

Here is my definition of the physical expression of the God field, formerly known as the aether:

The God field is the fabric of space. It is a subtle, fluid, magnetic energy which fills all space. It is intensified within and around matter, where its attractive nature produces the force of gravity.

This, and other mysteries of life are further explained in the missing manual for life in this world, Spiritual Metaphysics by Owen Waters.

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Love is the New Lens

by Owen Waters and Dreama Vance

People imagine that they think from the brain, but that is only partly true. The brain processes physical information and provides you with the concepts of time and space so that you can function in the fabricated reality that appears to exist in a world outside of you.

Your mind, however, is a nonphysical field of consciousness and it is not fixed inside your head. Each of the seven major chakras, or energy centers associated with the human body, resonate to a specific frequency band of consciousness. For most people in today’s world, daily thought is focused around the solar plexus chakra. In other words, your thoughts come from and through such a frequency filter.

You receive mental energy from the global mind atmosphere or mind belt. Your thoughts and emotions condition this mind energy and you automatically re-transmit it back out into the mind belt. This can happen at the frequency of the solar plexus chakra or, in the case of higher thinking, at the frequency of the heart chakra.

At the lower end of solar plexus-level thinking, issues of hierarchical control are experienced while, at the higher end, intellectual achievement is the focus. A century ago, when the world shifted from the authoritarian lens of the lower end of the solar plexus chakra toward the intellectual achievement of the higher end, a distinct sense of self-empowerment unfolded. While people used to accept the idea of obedience and unquestioning faith in spiritual matters, today they have grown to realize that they can think for themselves and that they can determine and create their own reality.

The evolution of your consciousness produces an expansion in the size of your mind. The terms, “expanded consciousness” or “personal growth” literally refer to an expansion in the size of your mental field.

With the ongoing shift to New Reality thinking, the lens through which people see the world is moving from the solar plexus to the heart chakra. Heart-centered consciousness begins with an expansion of awareness that includes the needs of others and then progresses into the first stage of spiritual awakening.

People live within a chakra-related bubble of consciousness. Imagine it being rather like a deep sea diver’s helmet or a spacesuit helmet. That bubble is moving up from the solar plexus level and the world is seen as a very different place when viewed from the new heart-centered perspective.

Looking through the lens of the heart, everything has a different perspective. Instead of providing an understanding of the emerging New Reality from a simply intellectual viewpoint, this lens engages your higher feelings and the New Reality becomes a personal experience, not just a mental concept.

In order to master the changes that are thrown at us in today’s busy world, the new lens of reality has to be experienced each and every day. You need a technique which can spiritualize your consciousness either in a period of quiet reflection or, more quickly, when pressed by circumstances.

You need to be able to reconnect easily with the Divine Presence within so that an elegant solution to every challenge can be created. To achieve this, we recommend the clear and concise book, Soul Inspiration.

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Attention: Incoming Major Timeline Split

by Owen Waters

According to top psychics and remote viewers, we are just weeks away from a major timeline split. They sense looming world-changing events and are scrambling to find out more about the what, where and when of these events. Whatever it is they sense, the result is likely to be that some of the world’s population will choose a future of fear and hate while others choose a positive path, despite the distractions being placed before them.

Just recently, after the shocking news of the breakout of war in the Middle East, someone asked the Dalai Lama how he can still be so happy.

He replied, “How can I choose not to be happy?” and went on to explain that the world needs people to raise the global consciousness, not lower it by falling into depression and fear.

Some people see wars as events deliberately created to distract people from the coming ascension to a higher plane of existence. I see their point and I am reminded, as pointed out in my book, The Lightworker Mission, that the mission of a lightworker is simply to work the light! That means regular spiritual practices, preferably of the powerful variety.

Major timeline splits happen when part of the world’s population makes one choice while the others make an opposite choice. These divergence doorways don’t just open and then immediately snap shut: There will be months and years for people to catch up, to realize that a new reality is emerging and that they can choose love and peace over fear and hate.

I am reminded of a chapter in my Lightworker book:

Peace in Times of Change

In days gone by, spiritual seekers would hole up in a cave or other quiet place of retreat and isolate themselves from the hubbub of the world in order to seek inner truth. Today, the priority has changed.

We live in a time of rapid transformation. Because the underlying cause of rapid change today is the constant rise in the base frequency of matter, people feel adrift in a sea of change over which they have no control. The need for spiritual help and guidance in these days is paramount.

That means that the hubbub of social interaction is now in vogue and caves are so yesterday. People need lightworkers more than ever because we’re the ones who lead in understanding the nature of today’s great change. We’re the ones who energetically look up and see where we are going rather than looking around in the world and feeling overwhelmed and confused.

The nice thing about being on the leading edge of today’s tidal wave of change is that you actually do enjoy peace in those times of reflection. You may not have the time to be in retreat mode for very long each day but, when you do, you connect with that which is truly uplifting and inspiring.

In fact, with each passing year and each incremental rise in the background frequency of matter, that sense of inspiration and upliftment just keeps getting better and better.

With time, developing your inner life leads to a wonderful bonus. It leads to a sense of trust and confidence in the benevolent nature of the universe. With the unfolding of this ability to trust, you become able to “see through” the external events of the world and maintain a sense of peace and harmony based upon unchanging reality rather than the fickle changes of the outside world.

*To discover much more about your enormous potential to change the world for the better, see the book, The Lightworker Mission.

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The World Healing Technique

by Owen Waters

Try the World Healing Technique now and see what a difference it makes to your spiritual life, both immediately and as an uplifting reaction in the following days.

There’s nothing quite as uplifting as starting your day by sending healing energy to the world. It brightens your day and makes it feel good to be alive.

This is how: Sit upright, preferably with your hands resting in your lap, palms facing upwards. Breathe rhythmically and evenly. Close your eyes and turn away from your everyday thoughts by letting your attention focus on your breath. Whenever you notice your thoughts wandering, peacefully turn away from those thoughts, which can always be dealt with later, and return to focusing on your breath.

Recognize your spiritual nature. Know that you are a spiritual being living in a physical world and ask God or the Universal Spirit for the life energy that you are about to use. Give gratitude to the Creator for universal life energy, for everything that you love about your life, and for existence itself. This connection to higher consciousness will amplify your efforts many times.

Take several breaths. With each in-breath, visualize life energy coming into your body, building into a vibrant white light within you and charging every cell of your being with its life-giving energy.

First, visualize the positive change that you want to bring into being in the world. Even though you are healing something that you perceive as negative, it is important to focus, instead, on the desired positive outcome. If you send energy to something negative, you will amplify its power. By sending energy conditioned for a positive outcome, you make that form of healing possible.

For example, in your mind’s eye, instead of a world suffering from strife, visualize the people of the world at peace. When you think of world peace, what is the first symbol that springs to mind – a crowd of happy children, a white dove of peace taking flight? Use that symbol, or, if pictures don’t easily come to mind, simply use the words, world peace, as the focus for your intention.

In the case of a specific war, send inspiration, upliftment, and spiritual power to the peace negotiators. They are the key to ending any ongoing conflict in a way that saves people from untold suffering.

In the case of a flu pandemic, see the world filled with people who are vibrant in their good health, smiling and moving around, breathing freely in the open air.

Or, instead of seeing spiritual ignorance and the suffering that it prolongs, visualize people who are becoming enlightened by spiritual understanding. Use the first picture that comes to mind or the words, world enlightenment.

Or, as yet another example, instead of seeing people displaced and distraught from a recent catastrophe, you could see aid workers being successful in their efforts to bring relief and medical assistance to those people, or use the words, energy to the aid workers.

Now, we’re ready to use the inbreath-outbreath cycle to transmit healing energy for the specified purpose. With every inbreath, see your lungs being filled with the vibrant white light of universal life energy.

With every outbreath, send the power of this love and light out to humanity. Direct it as a beam of brilliant white light from your heart chakra out into the world, holding the intention of healing. You can enhance the effect even more by sending energy out from the palms of your hands as well as from your heart.

Perform this as a series of inbreaths and outbreaths for as long as you wish, then relax and spend some time in the afterglow of a spiritual mission well accomplished.

These are the days of action, and that means service to others. Even better, your service to others also helps you in your own spiritual enlightenment. Action and reaction are opposite and equal.

Every time you send your light out into the world, you take another step forward towards your own enlightenment.

The World Healing Technique in Summary

Sit upright with your eyes closed.
Make a spiritual connection, one which includes gratitude for life.
Intend world healing by visualizing the desired positive outcome.
Breathe in life energy with each inbreath.
On each outbreath, repeat your intention and send a beam of white light from your heart to your intended destination.
Keep going for 20 minutes or as long as you can. You’ll do the world a power of good!


*To read the fascinating biography of Master of Karma Yoga George King, the original creator of this world-transforming technique, see The King Who Came to Earth.



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Why UFOs are in the News

by Owen Waters

George Adamski UFO photo, California 1952

Secrets are being revealed, and there’s no turning back. We’ve lived through decades of being deprived of knowing what others knew about extraterrestrials and their spacecraft. Enough is enough.

UFO sightings have always existed. In the Bible they were described as fiery “wheels within wheels” that rose in the heavens. UFO activity exploded in the mid 1940s along with another kind of explosion – atomic ones that impacted the physical realm of planet Earth and even the subtle realms of the whole solar system. Suddenly, Earth attracted a lot of attention from concerned otherworldly sources.

In the summer of 1947, a private pilot flying over Oregon saw ten Unidentified Flying Objects a few miles away. He reported that they moved “like a saucer if you skip it across the water” so journalists immediately coined and popularized the term, “flying saucers.”

Just days later, a UFO crashed near Roswell, New Mexico. The local paper announced the news of a recovered “flying disc” but the story was immediately hushed up for national security reasons. Many years later, in 1997, retired US Army Colonel Philip Corso published the story of how he had been one of the personnel assigned to unraveling the technology found on the crashed UFO. With the Soviet Union as a nuclear-powered enemy and Cold War secrecy at an all-time high, he had to find a reasonable excuse for how the technology artifacts had come into his possession. So, he told corporate research departments like Bell Labs that his mysterious technology artifacts were smuggled in from “foreign enemies” and asked them what they could discover from these samples.

As a result of the efforts of Corso and others, transistors and integrated circuits were “discovered” by the process of examining “foreign” technology. The computers and smartphones that we use today grew out of these developments. Other breakthroughs included night vision, lasers, and the fiber optic cables that are the backbone of today’s Internet.

Corso was tasked with seeing what new technology could be used specifically for defense purposes, then allowing the rest to be used to create products for sale to the public as an incentive for the corporations doing the research. Because of the Cold War secrecy, the public never knew how much of the really cool UFO technology – like, how to build a flying saucer – was successfully replicated. The Cold War ended in 1991, but its secrecy lived on in the form of new weapons ready for any new challenge that might arise to threaten the survival of the U.S. and other cooperating nations.

The propaganda war against UFO contactees that began in 1947 continued unabated, programming the public to equate the term “UFO” with a sense of ridicule. Today, with the new awakening, secrets of all kinds are emerging into the public consciousness. Now, we know enough to speculate on some of the technology that might emerge. Forced to discuss the subject, and wanting to sidestep their own ridicule, officials have now given UFOs a new name – Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP).

In the USA, well-informed and now-protected whistleblowers are being encouraged by UFO Disclosure advocates like Dr Steven Greer to come forward with alien-sourced technology developments, especially in relation to clean energy generators – devices that produce electricity from environmental sources without burning fossil fuels.

Billy Meier UFO photo, Switzerland 1975

Another type of technology high on the public wish list is anti-gravity shielding. Isolation from gravity also explains how UFOs can make “impossible” turns and maneuvers. Their isolation from the universal, subtle magnetic Field shields them from gravity and also the source of inertia. With no inertia present in their shielded environment, pilots can make sudden turns at high speed and not be crushed by inertial forces.

The propulsion drive units of UFOs are probably based upon electric fields reacting against the universal magnetic Field. Even more interesting is the ability of UFOs to disappear from one location and immediately re-appear quite a distance away.

This means they are using the dimensional property of Location. As revealed in my book, Spiritual Metaphysics: Answers to the Great Mysteries of Life, Location is one of the nine physical dimensions. It is a dimensional attribute which determines where an object belongs in the universe. Every location in the universe has a unique etheric signature tone. The question is whether its signal can be detected physically as well as etherically. If so, then, sooner rather than later, we can open up a whole new avenue of research into teleportation.

Imagine, teleporting from Los Angeles to London in an instant rather than sitting for endless hours in a mind-numbing and body-numbing airline seat. Sounds good to me! Let’s encourage more of those insider disclosures. It’s time for transportation technology to take a long-overdue leap forward.

Imagine, having a motor home that floats up in the air, travels anywhere you want without the need for fossil fuel, and sets down quietly each night in an area of true natural beauty without the need to carve the place up with roads to make all that possible.

As I explained in my new book, The New Enlightenment, a critical mass of leading-edge thinkers now function in a stage of consciousness that includes an increasing level of intuitive insights. With this mass awakening comes an Age of Aquarius-style demand for freedom of information, and that means revealing secrets.

UFOs, extraterrestrials, the true history of humanity, you name it, it’s all coming out and the revelations are gaining steam. Find out more about the New Enlightenment and how this quantum leap in human consciousness is great for everyone and especially for spiritual seekers…

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The New Enlightenment Begins

by Owen Waters

The last period of Enlightenment, also known as the Age of Reason, emerged over 300 years ago. As it turns out, it was merely a practice session for the big one!

Today’s New Enlightenment is more than just another step forward in human development. It is a quantum leap forward into an uncharted territory filled with unlimited potential! The original Enlightenment developed the conscious mind. The New Enlightenment develops it further with access to the additional capabilities of the superconscious mind.

When you focus your mind upon the new frequency of consciousness, you open the door to the enormous information resources available to your superconscious mind. Unlike the physical brain, your mind can vary in size, from close-minded minisculity to superconscious expansiveness, which comes with access to any information, anywhere and at any time.

Unlike your physical brain, which began with a blank slate when you were born, your superconscious mind knows your deepest yearnings for the lifestyle that is most meaningful to you. Like a faithful protector, it works tirelessly to impress your conscious awareness with helpful guidance as your circumstances change. If only more people would listen to those subtle, yet vital hints, their lives could be filled with great inner joy as each one realizes and experiences their own unique purpose in life.

You may have already discovered how conscious creativity conquers many of life’s challenges. Now, try the superconscious version! New Enlightenment consciousness, previously the domain of leading thinkers, has now moved into the mainstream and is readily available to all seekers of a better life and a better world.

My new book, The New Enlightenment: Transformation into an Age of Abundance, reveals the distinct stages of human consciousness and how the dawning New Enlightenment opens the door to a beautiful life filled with purpose, abundance, and true inner joy.

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The Summer of Light

by Owen Waters

The Summer of Love, 1967

While 1967 is remembered for the Summer of Love, the year 2023 may very well be remembered for The Summer of Light.

During the 2010s, most leading thinkers were quite content in the early stage of heart-centered consciousness.

They had found peace by abandoning pointless ambition in favor of meaning in life and vibrant relationships with others. They were exploring the heart-empowering value of cooperation and leaving behind competition and its effect of estrangement from other human beings.

Rather than becoming what others thought they should become in order to rank high in societal approval, they were homing in on personal purpose as a rising source of inspiration. It had long since become obvious that there was more to life than competing to see who would own the most toys when they die.

The emotional effect of witnessing human helpfulness was already arousing their curiosity by tugging at their heartstrings. Don’t you just love a helpful, honest person who wants the best for, not just you, but for everyone they meet?

The urge to care and connect was continually finding more opportunities to express itself. This stage of consciousness added heart to the world of commerce, expanding its vision into something far more rewarding than simply making a greater profit than last year.

And then, suddenly, the world stopped, and it stopped long enough for people to re-evaluate everything.

Remember 2020? A world-changing event. An invisible bug, said to be spreading wildly and seeking out victims for a rapid death. Result: Mass panic!

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Human Needs

Just as people were getting settled into the Maslow Hierarchy’s heart-awakening stage of Self-Actualization… wham!

They were suddenly plunged, like it or not, into Fear for Survival mode… Maslow’s bottom of the triangle revisited!

Now, look what happened next…

After the protracted drama of the pandemic, people eventually snapped back to more-or-less normal consciousness, but with a difference. After having been settled in Self-Actualization, then beaten down to the bottom stage of Survival, anyone with a clear mind rose into a newly-empowered position, propelling themselves beyond Self-Actualization and right into the Transcendence stage!

This boomerang effect from the deep crisis brought about the New Enlightenment faster than would have otherwise been expected.

By the summer of 2023, a decidedly positive mood had dawned, along with a newly-established Age of Enlightenment. While 1967 is remembered as the Summer of Love, 2023 may very well be remembered as the Summer of Light that started this global awakening.

The dawn of the transcendent New Enlightenment opens the door to a beautiful life filled with purpose, abundance, and true inner joy. It means that we now have the readiness to face any challenge in life with inspired resourcefulness.

Spiritual seekers find the new consciousness especially helpful as actively engaging in it can be ten times more effective in gaining enlightenment than passive meditation practices!

Now, discover what gifts and capabilities the universe will bring in the coming months and years as The New Enlightenment unfolds…

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The Three Dimensions of Time

by Owen Waters

“If I only had Time.” That’s what the Creator thought while mulling over the design stage of the Creation.

Time is necessary so that experience can be gained from choices taken and changes made at an appropriate pace for learning.

In the Great Here and Now which is the underlying reality of Infinite Being, time as we know it does not exist. Any change has an instantaneous effect. Therefore, in order to enjoy the adventure of immersion in a physical universe, Infinite Being and its Creator aspect needed the dimensional property that we call Time.

The popular concept of dimensions today is that we live in a four-dimensional world – three dimensions of space and one of time. However, the Law of Creation points to a different reality. As you may know from previous articles, the Law of Creation has three components and a tendency to self-replicate.

There is one Creator, operating through the three aspects or creative principles of Thought, Feeling, and Motion. The nine dimensional properties of matter are created by each of those aspects creating three varieties of itself. Three times three varieties means that there are a total of nine dimensional properties of matter.

Time is one of the nine dimensional properties of physical matter. Another is Space. Because of the Law of Creation’s tendency to self-replicate, there are, furthermore, three varieties or directions of Space – commonly expressed as length, breadth, and height.

Now… get this… as well as three varieties of Space, there are three varieties of Time!

We normally think of the standard, tick-tock version called Linear Time. Like a clock on the wall, Linear Time passes at a fixed rate regardless of whatever you do to change your perception of how slowly or quickly it is passing.

Variety Two of Time is called Experiential Time. In daily life, you notice that time can pass quickly or slowly in your perception. Experiential Time is related more to inner consciousness and feelings than it is to the outer world, so its significance to you increases as your frequency of consciousness rises.

For example, the spirit world of the afterlife is a subtle, higher-frequency version of physical experience. In the afterlife, Experiential Time plays much more of a role than Linear Time.

Variety Three of Time is something that comes into play when you become more attuned to your soul’s level of consciousness. Variety Three produces Timelines. These are alternate realities which are potentially of interest to your soul. Any important change in your primary focus, such as a spiritual awakening experience, will shift you onto a more appropriate timeline. The shift will be obvious to your soul level of awareness, but your physical brain is only designed to be aware of your current timeline. To your physical brain, the only change will be that life is somehow better than it used to be.

The great miracle of the dimension of Time is not that it can have multiple timeline versions or that it can expand or contract to suit your consciousness, but that Linear Time can produce the illusion of slow change when all that really exists is the Great Here and Now.

Think about it, in a reality where all things are Here and everything is Now, how did the Creator create the illusion of Time so that we could play out our lives of experience at an appropriate rate?

The best analogy is that of a motion picture. The original movie films consisted of a sequence of photographs being projected onto a screen at, typically, 24 frames per second. Even though each frame contains just a static image, the illusion of motion is achieved by subsequent frames being projected fast enough for the human brain to perceive the changes as smooth action. Changes through time are created from a collection of static images, and that is the same way the Creator created Time.

The universe flashes on and off billions of times per second. It is re-created in each of those rapidly-appearing, still-action frames. Each frame is a different viewpoint of the Great Here and Now. The physical brain is entrained to the timing of that universal movie projector mechanism. All we see is continual change, even though such change consists of many still-action, static frames.

With the framework for Time in place, it is then possible for human decisions to be made and for subsequent changes to unfold at a speed that allows for learning and reflection. And that was achieved even though, in truth, all changes are just a collection of different viewpoints of the Great Here and Now.

Isn’t the universe a wonderful creation?

P.S. Space and Time are just two of the nine physical dimensions. To study the other dimensions in detail, please refer to my book, Spiritual Metaphysics: Answers to the Great Mysteries of Life.

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Ascension to a Higher Dimension

by Owen Waters

Dimension is a term often used to refer to other realms of existence, but it can cause confusion in that the word dimension also refers to measurable attributes of this reality such as time or space measurements; for example, length or width.

Other realms of existence could be more descriptively called densities, levels or density levels. In the light of emerging knowledge, I recommend that people avoid potential confusion by using the words density or density level instead of dimension to describe a vibrational level of existence.

The lowest density level of manifestation for Planet Earth currently is third density (3D), the regular physical form to which we are accustomed. There are lower density levels, but they only apply to the frequency of consciousness of basic items like rocks and subatomic particles. Their location level is still 3D, right here with you and me.

First density (1D) is the level of consciousness of the basic physical elements and objects that are called ‘inanimate’ by many people, such as rocks and crystals. Because all objects in the universe are composed of compressed divine consciousness, they all have a sense of awareness at some level. For example, physics experiments have shown that when subatomic particles collide and separate, they continue to remember each other and act out their connected relationship.

Second density (2D) is the level of consciousness of biological existence – of plants and wild animals, even though their physical forms are located in the 3D realm. As 3D is currently the lowest level where the earth maintains a physical body, there is no 2D version of Earth below us.

Third density (3D) is currently home to physical human beings. It is a realm of self-aware identity and intellectual development. While your physical body is currently located in third density, your mind is free to roam to other frequencies or density levels of awareness.

Fourth density (4D) is home to spirits in the afterlife and it can also support physical humans. There are numerous sub-realms of existence within fourth density, with the lower sub-realms being more dense than the higher sub-realms.

While spirit or “astral” beings are ethereal and ghost-like relative to us, they are solid to each other, so they are correctly referred to as quasi-physical rather than nonphysical beings. Those who inhabit the realms of the afterlife in spirit bodies experience relative freedom as their quasi-physical spirit bodies respond easily to their mental direction. Spirit beings find it easy to levitate and they can instantly relocate to a desired destination.

They can also create quasi-physical objects using the pressure of mental energy applied to the universal supply of etheric energy. They call these objects thought forms and a well-made thought form will exist for more than a year without any further attention before it dissolves back into the surroundings as etheric energy. With regular attention, it will stay in existence as long as it is important to someone.

Fifth density (5D) is home to soul consciousness and is a nonphysical realm of spiritual light and sound energies. Traditionally, 5D is referred to as the higher mental realms. Although souls are perceived as separate individuals in 5D, just as we are in the physical realm, they are also fully attuned to their connectedness with each other. Soul bodies are nonphysical fields of higher mental energy. Your soul can also be referred to as your higher self or as the superconscious aspect of your total field of awareness.

On the day all this changes…

Ascension or rapture to a higher world has long been anticipated. But, today, with global changes accelerating ever faster, we are obviously reaching the climax of change. When it happens, in the blink of an eye, the physical material of the planet and everything upon it will upgrade from 3D to a higher existence, well within the 4D frequency range.

This upgrade to a higher realm of existence became possible in the 1960s (remember how everything changed back then?) but the collective oversouls of humanity decided to avoid the shock of sudden change and let the changes spin out in a digestible form over several decades.

The day is rapidly approaching when the earth will rise in vibration because everything physical – our bodies, the ground beneath our feet, and everything around us will rise in frequency. Our destination will be the basic realm of heaven and, yet, we will be physical!

To be informed is to be prepared. Discover how mass ascension will happen (it’s not quite as simple as you might expect, and for a very good reason.)

Learn what new human capabilities will emerge and discover what to expect from life in the ascended world. Ascension to a Higher World by Owen Waters is available now at:

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Spiritual Faith

by Owen Waters

With spiritual faith, your heart and mind open up and guide you in your search for personal truth. Faith in the spirituality of life is what makes your spiritual path possible.

Faith may sound like a form of belief, but belief is actually a fixation upon a version of the truth. When a belief becomes rigid, seeking and growth are not possible. For example, the biggest challenge facing quantum physics today is the enormous shift that is required from previous beliefs about the nature of reality. Researchers have to shift to a new view where time, space and physicality are liberated from the constraints which people previously believed that they had.

If you believe that you exist in a fixed location in space and that time must always pass you by like clockwork, think again. Subatomic particles do not share your beliefs about time and space. They take a much more liberated view. Subatomic particles pop in and out of physical manifestation millions of times per second, just when and where they feel like it. Their disregard for time is perplexing, to say the least, as they respond immediately to events in their future and even time travel backwards to alter their past when it suits them.

Now, we can all identify with the idea of creating a different future based on decisions that we make now, but creating a different past? Well, that’s what subatomic particles do, right there in the lab. As a result, in the mathematics of quantum physics today, one of the necessary tools is negative time – the ability of a particle to send a message into its past in order to change its own history.

Subatomic particles are friendly by nature. When they bump into another particle that they take a liking to, and they seem to like all of them, they become friends and carry on communicating with each other, for ever. The fact that they may become separated by millions of miles does not reduce their willingness to communicate.

The speed of their communications comes as a surprise. Einstein said that nothing exceeds the speed of light, but apparently subatomic particles weren’t listening when he said that. They communicate over huge distances virtually instantly. If there is a limit to the speed of transmitted thought, then that speed of thought has to be millions of times faster than the speed of light.

Subatomic particles, by their very freedom, serve to remind us of our true potential as conscious beings in a conscious universe. We are limited only by our personal collection of beliefs, our belief system. We also share our part of a larger, societal belief system, the consensus reality.

Faith in the spirituality of life is what makes your spiritual path possible.

With spiritual faith – an open heart and an open mind – we can discover more about today’s New Reality and what it means to humanity. Discovering more about life expands our view of reality and evolves our belief systems.

Besides, and this is what really counts, it’s fun!

*For many more answers to the mysteries of life, be sure to read Owen Waters’ book, Spiritual Metaphysics, available now at:

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Stairway to Heaven

by Owen Waters

There is a stairway to heaven. It leads through the heavenly realms of the afterlife and continues even further, all the way to the ultimate state of consciousness from which the universe sprang into existence.

Infinite Being, the ultimate source of all things, created a universe of infinite diversity, of infinite parts of the whole. As humanity, we are the adventurers who projected ourselves into physical experience in order to bring deeper focus into our experience. Our purpose in the physical realm of consciousness is to gain a sharply-defined sense of identity and to grow from there.

The long-term mission of each and every one of us is to gain expanded awareness through life’s experiences until we eventually return to the one God, no longer as curious seekers, but as self-realized, conscious gods.

The steps of the stairway are formed by nine density layers within the consciousness of the Creator. Each density layer is composed of a different degree of compression of Creator consciousness. The higher steps are more ethereal, or less compressed, than the lower ones. The lower steps are more compressed, more sharply focused, and more clearly defined than the ones above.

Every density layer (or “dimension” as some people call them) is composed of consciousness. Even the physical world, with its apparently physical objects, is really composed of 100% consciousness, compressed in a way that appears to be solid.

The Nine Densities of Creation

The Nine Densities of Creation are divided into three groups of three densities. These three groups contain the material, spiritual, and cosmic layers of existence.

The Material Group of Densities

The three most dense layers are the material group. These relate to basic physical existence.

First Density – Matter

First density consciousness is the realm of the atoms and molecules of physical matter as well as the basic sense of survival.

This is the natural frequency of the consciousness of the elements which form the basis of physical matter, including the physical bodies employed by plants, animals and humans.

Second Density – Biology

Second density supports the consciousness of plant and animal life as well as the urge to grow. Plant life, for example, reproduces and spreads until it reaches the limits provided by its environment. Second density is also the frequency of the basic emotions, such as anger and fear.

While plants and animal life resonate to a second-density frequency and consist of first-density atomic particles, they are located in our world in third density existence. There is no first or second density planet Earth. The lowest frequency manifested by planet Earth is third density.

Third Density – Individuality

Third density is the current realm of existence for the combined consciousness of physical humanity. It is where the consciousness of individuality and self-awareness is developed. Humanity’s experience of separation from its inner source is a deliberate experiment whereby the illusion of physical existence becomes very real.

The game of human physicality began long ago. As curious spirits, we progressed into a desire for maximum effect and then went on to discover how to create total immersion within the game. It is this total immersion within physicality which makes life on earth seem so real, so full of passion, so disconnected from our spiritual source and, yet, full of so much potential for self-discovery.

The experience of humanity’s separation from its inner source is achieved through using a physical brain which focuses on the five senses. These senses feed information to the brain from a universe which appears to be external. Our brains are wired to perceive space and to experience time. The turning of our attention away from inner, spiritually-connected information provides a sharply-defined sense of individuality, one which would not have been possible were our brains designed differently.

Third-density consciousness also supports other qualities for an evolving consciousness, such as the discovery of courage and optimism, and the development of intellect and reason.

The Spiritual Group of Densities

The next layers of density are the spiritual group. The gateway to spiritual consciousness is through the level of consciousness to which mankind is currently awakening – that of heart-centered consciousness. For humanity, this is where the adventure really begins!

Fourth Density – Integration

In fourth-density consciousness, the heart awakens to a natural unrestricted flow of unconditional love. In third-density consciousness, humans develop themes of separation from each other. In fourth density, they develop integration, or the healing of separation.

Fourth density is where the spirit realm, or afterlife, is located. Here, people resolve and integrate the emotional experiences that they gained during their physical lives. When today’s massive Shift in consciousness has played through sufficiently, fourth density will also become the new location for physical human beings. In this density, the qualities of balance and unconditional love are developed, which lead to the development of inner joy.

Fifth Density – Soul Consciousness

Fifth density brings with it the ability to create powerful realities and to transcend space and time. Once spirits in the afterlife have integrated their emotions and resolved their conflicts, they can pass on into fifth density. Fifth density is a nonphysical realm of the soul, of the “higher self” or inner being. Your inner being is your complete consciousness, and therefore includes the subconscious and superconscious aspects of mind.

Your inner being has a clear connection to the higher densities and to Infinite Being. Therefore, developing a clear connection to your inner being provides you with a direct source of spiritual empowerment.

While your immediate soul mates may number, typically, seven other souls, your soul family is much larger. It is closer to two thousand individuals, grouped together in a huge family of people with common likes and interests.

You share a similar energetic background, history, and many preferences as to the kinds of experiences that you enjoy. These are the people with whom you share the most empathy. To your inner being, they are the essence of “Home.”

Of the other members of your soul family, less than half will typically be in physical incarnation at any given time. Many will live in other countries and in other parts of your country. When you meet them, you recognize them as people whom you feel are special in some way. There is a resonance within your own consciousness that is quite different to how you would react to a total stranger.

Sixth Density – The Angelic Realms

Sixth density is home to some of the greatest beings who have ever graced the earth with their presence. The field of consciousness of a world spiritual teacher, for example, is enormous in comparison to the field of consciousness of one typical human. It is because of this great capacity of consciousness, along with their ability to divide their attention into many parts at one time, which allows world teachers to service the needs of all those who call upon them in their times of need.

Archangels and world teachers are based in the upper reaches of sixth density so that their awareness can encompass the entire planet in all its manifestations in fifth, fourth, and third densities. In this way, these global spirits are capable of detecting and responding to multiple calls for assistance all at once.

The Cosmic Group of Densities

When the ladder of human evolution has been climbed to its ultimate, spiritual heights, there is only one place to go next in the grand scheme of Creation. That next step is to become a part of the intelligence of a planetary being.

Seventh Density – Planetary Consciousness

There is much more to Gaia, the planet Earth, than meets the eye. Seventh density is home to planet-size fields of consciousness. In the third-density physical realm, she provides a home for humanity. Her spiritual heart, however, resides in this nonphysical, seventh-density realm of spiritual light.

It is not by chance that seventh density is where cosmic consciousness occurs. This is the entry-level density layer devoted to the cosmic scale of consciousness. A human being can visit seventh density during a period of cosmic consciousness, but they cannot reside there permanently, as it is designed to be a realm which is home to fields of planet-sized consciousness.

Eighth Density – Solar Consciousness

The spiritual heart of the Sun is in eighth-density consciousness. What we see in third density is its physical body, which is a faint reflection of its eighth-density, spiritual radiance.

An insight into the true scale of the magnetic body of the Sun can be gained from the heliosphere. This is a magnetized sphere of energy which stretches, from the Sun, four times further than the outermost planet of Pluto in every direction. That’s a 22 billion mile-wide magnetic body which contains, sustains and cares for the planets and all life forms within its sphere.

As well as living within the Sun’s third-density heliosphere, we are connected, at the eighth-density level of consciousness, with the spiritual being we call the Sun. You cannot be born within its sphere without first becoming a part of it energetically. We are, as stated correctly by ancient cultures, Children of the Sun.

Likewise, before you were first physically born on earth, your soul passed through an initiation of birth through the holy flame of the Logos of the Mother Earth. On a cosmic scale of consciousness, she is your spiritual mother, just as the Sun is your spiritual father. In the grand scheme of Creation, the Earth contains the closest consciousness to God within your reach, and the Sun contains the closest consciousness to God within your sight. Sending your love and gratitude to the Sun and the Earth not only makes perfect sense, it is the oldest spiritual practice on earth, and one of the most potent.

Ninth Density – The Galaxies and their Central Suns

A galaxy is a living cell within the consciousness of the universe. Like the Sun, which later gave birth to its planets, each galaxy gave birth to the suns within its massive body.

Although the central sun of each galaxy distributes a constant supply of higher energy from the Creator to the manifest universe, the central suns do not radiate physical light and are therefore invisible to the human eye. (The photograph above shows a cluster of stars gathered near the center of that galaxy, not a central sun.)

To appreciate the scale of Creation, radio astronomy has given us some idea of the total count of galaxies in existence. Currently, there are believed to be between 100 and 125 billion galaxies in existence in the universe.

The Three Aspects of the Creator

Before Creation, there existed only Infinite Being as perfect, unchanging consciousness.

Then, Infinite Being entered an active mode in order to achieve Creation by using the three creative principles of thought, feeling, and motion. This active expression of Infinite Being then created the nine-density structure within the envelope of the universe.

Those three creative principles also represent the divine functions of creation, preservation, and sustenance as performed by the Founders, the Watchers, and the Central Sun of the universe.

The Founders

The Founders of life in the universe, or Lords of Creation, are the fundamental designers of all that exists.

As humans are created in the likeness of Creator consciousness, we mold the world in ways that we see fit.

The Watchers

These are the guardians of all of Creation. The Watchers, or Lords of Karma, ceaselessly observe and adjust the universe to keep it in perfect balance in accordance with the all-pervasive law of action and reaction.

The function of the Watchers is to protect all life in the universe. When necessary, they immerse themselves into the deeper densities in order to manage details or to initiate new projects within the universe. One such project is very familiar to us: The creation of human consciousness and its gradual immersion into deeper, and therefore more sharply-focused, layers of density.

Like all layers of consciousness, we are directly connected to the Watchers. They are part of the spiritual lineage which connects us to the ultimate state from which we all came, that of Infinite Being.

In third-density physical existence, karma is often perceived as a negative because it reflects every thought and action, including fear and hate, with fear being a reminder that courage is essential to human evolution. However, karma is simply a law of natural, perfect balance as it guarantees that all created thoughts and actions generate appropriate experiences. In physics, it is stated as the law, “Action and reaction are opposite and equal.” It is neither positive nor negative. It provides a neutral reflection of who you are now.

When a person moves from material consciousness into heart-centered consciousness, it may appear that their old karmic pattern has ended. It has. In its place is a reflection of the new person and their unconditional love for all. As a fundamental law of the universe, however, karma never ceases to exist. This property of creational action is interwoven in the fabric of the living universe.

The Central Sun of the Universe

This is the power source of all life in the created universe. From it, energy flows in a vibrational cascade down through the central suns of the galaxies and the suns of each solar system, providing cosmic, spiritual, mental, etheric, and physical energies as needed by all life forms.

Beyond the Universe – Infinite Being

Infinite Being is the indivisible One, the origin of All That Is. The nine densities of this universe are held within its consciousness.

The Ultimate in Human Potential

As the one Creator immersed itself into the deeper layers of its own Creation, it progressively expanded the possibilities for exploration. Today, as expressions of Infinite Being, we function as self-aware humans, operating under unique conditions in this grand adventure called life.

As we gain human experience and progressively increase our awareness, we become spiritual humans. Then we become ascended humans and, eventually, we rejoin the larger, cosmic scheme of things on our path back to the original source from which we came.

Energetically, we exist, not just in third density, but on all density levels of Creation. We are one with Infinite Being in its ultimate state and we are connected to all of its levels of manifestation. While the One Creator is the original creative power, we are also endowed with the ability to create our reality as a living reflection of our thoughts, our beliefs, and our view of life and its possibilities. Within us, we have unlimited potential to create lives which are full of joy, purpose and meaning.

Within your life, you can choose any path that you determine, and, once you set an intention, a pathway opens up for you to fulfill that intention. As soon as you make a definite intention as to your new reality, the universe begins to reorganize itself around that new reality.

Now, to amplify that power of creativity to almost miraculous levels, consciously align yourself with your inner being and determine what is most important to you at that deepest level. Your fifth-density inner being is your soul level of consciousness. It is your own personal doorway to a full connection to Infinite Being. When you re-affirm your connection with your inner being, you are connecting to the very level of consciousness which has the most creative power.

In aligning with your inner self, you can fulfill any potential that you can imagine and become a living expression of your desired path through life. Your conscious alignment with such inner creative power will make synchronicity flow. It will open doorways along the way and dissolve barriers, making your pathway smooth and natural. (To study this more deeply, read the e-book, Soul Inspiration by Owen Waters.)

Your inner self is your personal connection to Infinite Being and it is the source of your spiritual empowerment. State consciously that you intend to work with the full range of your own consciousness and then watch miracles unfold within your life!

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The Good News About Karma

by Owen Waters

Karma is very different from what most people think it is. The word itself, usually prefixed by the word “bad,” generates ideas of retribution or punishment for past misadventures. Somewhere in the heavens above, so people imagine, an accountant is supposed to be keeping track of your karmic balance.

I used to assume that karma was all about maintaining a balance, so therefore the universe contained some law that made it reflective in nature and therefore automatically self-balancing. However, I stand corrected by recent revelations from my senior guide and mentor, an archangel who serves humanity during these times of transition in the vitally essential office of Lord Protector of The Shift.

Karma is an effect of creation. There is no inherent reflective capability in the universe. The apparent reflections, which people sometimes call their karma, come from the ongoing patterns of consciousness which they have created.

Each of us has a karmic pattern, which is like a tapestry filled with a variety of cross-linked energies. It is held within the energetically magnetic aura that surrounds your body.

Each thread woven into your karmic pattern was placed there by your creation of a certain pattern of consciousness. Each created thread within the tapestry of your karmic pattern exists because you have given it life. It will continue to exist and attract circumstances to itself as long as you feed its existence.

The Law of Creation is invoked when intention and feeling are set into motion.

Yin and Yang in motion

Intention is the yang component as it sets the frequency of consciousness. Emotion sets the yin component of magnetic attraction which, by its nature, attracts relevant circumstances into one’s life.

People often ask if their karmic pattern can be changed. Yes, it can. It changes all the time.

What has been created and empowered by an emotional charge will soon fade away when that emotional charge no longer supports it. In a more sudden fashion, a rise in consciousness can transform a karmic pattern.

For example, if someone were intent on jealousy as a way of life and then they experienced a sudden awakening which transformed them to a higher level of thought, their life could change at that very moment. They could decide to become loving and forgiving instead of continuing to feed the old jealousy pattern. That decision would be the end of the jealousy part of their karmic pattern. It would be taken out of existence by the transformation which made the person no longer interested in feeding that pattern of consciousness. The former creation would dissipate, its energy being released back to the universe, and it would stop generating karmic circumstances.

In Summary

The Law of Karma is an effect of the Law of Creation. Your overall karmic pattern is a collection of each thought pattern you have created. It can change as you raise your level of consciousness through spiritual growth but the Law of Karma never ceases to operate. It is always in full operation at all levels of Creation, attracting those patterns you have created through your intentions, feelings and actions.

Here’s the Especially Good News

The Law of Karma guarantees that when you give, you will receive. When you heal, you will receive healing. When you teach what you have learned to others, you will find that even greater insights dawn within you as a result.

If you decide with all your heart that you will succeed in fulfilling your soul purpose in this life, that adds a thread to your karmic pattern which will affect your present and future. Like a magnet drawing resources and circumstances toward you, this thread of intention will help you navigate through life to fulfill your wish in every possible way.

*For more insights and ways to create a truly joy-filled life, read Spiritual Metaphysics: Answers to the Great Mysteries of Life by Owen Waters.

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