The New Enlightenment Has Dawned

by Owen Waters

I am reminded that, back in the days of the Harmonic Convergence in 1987, cosmologist Christine Page along with Gregg Braden and Ervin Laszlo announced that a Great Period of Change would start in 1987 and end in 2023.

During the Harmonic Convergence event from August 16-17, 1987, thousands of spiritual people gathered at sacred sites around the planet to meditate for peace on Earth. After it was over, nothing seemed to change and, so, many were disappointed.

Apparently, global changes take a little time to manifest because, just two years later, demolition of the Berlin Wall began and the promise of peace replaced the Cold War and its constant threat of nuclear annihilation.

Today, we have two timelines in play. In the months and years ahead, those timelines will diverge and people will follow the one of their choice, eventually losing the opportunity to switch from one to the other.

Those who choose the kinder, gentler timeline are now awakening to the fact that the era of the New Enlightenment has dawned. It began right on schedule in mid-2023, exactly as predicted. This is a long-awaited quantum leap in human consciousness which was foretold by a ground-breaking psychology professor in the 1970s. The new frequency of consciousness now in effect sets the human mind free to be creative, kind and constructive in ways that will transform the world into a remarkably better place.

My new book, “The New Enlightenment: Transformation into an Age of Abundance” reveals the metaphysical drivers behind today’s revolution in human consciousness. With this understanding, you can engage in the New Enlightenment to bring complete abundance into all aspects of your life, whether you seek financial abundance, better friendships, good health, enlightening spiritual growth, or all of the above.

The dawn of the New Enlightenment means that we now have the readiness to face any challenge in life with inspired resourcefulness. Spiritual seekers find the new mindset especially helpful as actively engaging in it can be ten times more effective in gaining enlightenment than passive meditation practices!

I encourage you to read this book again and again as it opens the door to a beautiful life filled with purpose, abundance, and true inner joy.

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