Why Prayers Can Fail To Work

by Owen Waters

The world is full of reasons why people might pray for help from a higher source. From the threat of war to an exploding health crisis to the pressures of a cratering economy, you’ve got to wonder why the Creator allows all this. After all, a challenge will always bring personal growth but the accelerating rate of change in everything today is like a cosmic wake-up call. But, we might ask, to wake up to what?

The truth is, we are sparks of the Divine, empowered with free will so that we can forge a path back to divine consciousness through the Three C’s – the attributes we have inherited from our divine origins – Curiosity, Creativity, and Constructive action. With these, we should be able to handle anything but, all the same, a little help from above would be more than welcome in these crazy days of rapid change.

Tradition has it that you pray to God for favors and sometimes offer something in exchange, like, for example, a promise to turn to God more regularly. However, in these days of cosmology, it is increasingly difficult to imagine that the Creator of billions of galaxies, each with billions of suns, would micro-manage problems on one tiny planet. So, perhaps, seeking attention from a more people-focused aspect of the divine hierarchy makes a whole lot more sense.

All levels of existence in the universe exist within the consciousness of the Creator. Within that envelope of consciousness in which the universe lives, the highest realm of consciousness is ninth density, which is home to the soul essences of galaxies. Each galaxy is responsible for Creator functions within its field of consciousness. Likewise, each sun is responsible for the creation of its planets and each planet develops and maintains the systems of life within its realm. These days, not too many people pray to the Sun or Mother Earth, but you can gain enormous spiritual growth by sending regular thoughts of gratitude to these cosmic beings. The inspirational energy feedback from such elevated beings is phenomenal.

The next level down the divine hierarchy of consciousness is the sixth-density realm of archangels and angels. This is where one of the most called-upon higher beings is based, and for good reason. Jesus operates as an all-pervasive spirit with global reach within all the realms of existence upon earth. When someone reaches out to Jesus for help, his presence as a global spirit detects that call and focuses attention on that person, ready to deliver comfort, hope, inspiration, and healing.

Besides calling on world avatars for help, there are several other options, perhaps closer to our third-density physical home in terms of frequency. Everyone has spirit guides and also angels who watch over them. Everyone also has their soul or higher self, which is based in fifth density, ready to dispense wisdom that is perfectly tailored to your unique situation. You don’t actually pray to your soul or higher self because you are part of its field of consciousness, but you can get in touch with your inner being first thing every day with a quiet meditation and thereby benefit from personalized guidance any time you need it.

Whether you feel most comfortable developing an inner connection to your soul or asking for help from a higher source, it is important to be aware of the power you already possess as a creation of the divine.

Imagination is your creative faculty. Be bold. Imagine a better life and never accept ideas that conspire to block your way.

Notice how your divine attributes of Curiosity, Creativity, and Constructive action include the word ‘action.’ This is the big reason why prayers can fail to work. If a person asks for their life to change, action will be required in some form by them and possibly other people. Action makes manifest, even if it is as subtle an act as a conscious shift in a belief that previously held you back. Guidance will come into your mind repeatedly, knocking at the door asking to be recognized and acted upon.

Lack of action after asking for help and guidance is the main reason prayer can fail to work, and it’s the same with the Law of Attraction, which is sometimes portrayed as a big magnet that energizes the universe toward your desired goal. Yes, it does do that but the Law of Attraction is like the magnet inside an electric generator waiting to be turned so that electricity can start to flow. If you don’t crank the handle and add motion to the situation, no energy flows and no results appear.

My recent e-book, Soul Inspiration: Unleash the Power of Your Higher Consciousness to Dissolve Problems and Create a Better Life, goes deeper into the subject, revealing ways to increase the clarity of the guidance you can receive and also determine which direction your action should take at any time to make your wishes come true.

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