The Transformative Power of Love

by Owen Waters

Because the Creator’s energy of unconditional love fills the universe, it can be your most powerful resource for transformation.

If you have a big challenge facing you in life, you already know what needs to be transformed, but what if you don’t know about something important that’s holding you back?

Here’s an easy way to flush out the most hidden of limiting beliefs from the depths of your subconscious mind and bring them out into your conscious awareness where you can apply a simple technique of transformation. The result? Greater freedom and inner joy from one simple but effective step. Here’s how it’s done…

First, bring any limiting thoughts to the surface by making a claim that might be considered outrageous. Well, it won’t be outrageous when the world becomes heart-centered and everyone supports each other but, for now, tradition says it may seem outrageous.

First, put yourself into a quiet reflective state, then mentally state to yourself, “I am brilliant, gorgeous, and fabulous!”

What happens then? Chances are, due to the social environment that most of us grew up in, you were taught to never make such claims because there’s supposed to be something-or-other wrong with thinking that way.

Well, sure, if a child runs the risk of becoming a raving, unsociable egomaniac, then there would be something wrong with thinking that way. But as an adult with a developing sense of spiritual consciousness, ego issues are no longer the point.

In the New Reality, the point is to develop your potential and become everything that you can be.

In a healthy, heart-centered society, everyone will either be brilliant, gorgeous and fabulous already or well on their way to becoming so. And the rest of society will be supporting them in every attempt that they make to improve their lives. After all, wouldn’t you rather live among people who are brilliant, gorgeous, fabulous and supportive than among people who are envious, small-minded and competitive?

As you probably just noticed in this exercise, blockages are likely to emerge when you say wonderful things about yourself. When you say, “I am brilliant, gorgeous, and fabulous!” what thoughts come up to the surface of your mind?

Probably a lot of “Yes, but I don’t feel…” statements. Those are your blockages, or limiting beliefs. Now, here’s how to dissolve them so that they won’t limit your happiness any longer.

Having identified a blockage and brought it out into the open where it can be worked on, you are able to apply energy work to transform it out of your life once and for all.

Your heart has a wonderful ability to transform limiting beliefs by the application of its natural frequency of consciousness, which is that of unconditional love.

While your physical heart is tucked away behind your rib cage, the energy center of your heart is outside of your body, just in front of your breastbone. It is here that the frequency of heart-centered consciousness is focused. Visualize this energy center as a small sphere of brilliant white light four inches (ten centimeters) in front of the center of your chest.

Imagine the air being filled with vital life energy, like a white mist that fills the space around you. The air actually is filled with such vital life energy, and the point of the exercise is to draw additional quantities of this energy in to add extra power to your heart’s energy center.

Now that your heart’s energy center is charged with intense life energy, use its natural frequency of unconditional love to transform each blockage in turn. Whatever blockage you identified, say to yourself mentally:

“I release the belief that [blockage statement] and transform it into the light now. I replace that old belief with the knowing that I am loved and that I am Love.”

For example, “I release the belief that money is bad and transform it into the light now. I replace that old belief with the knowing that I am loved and that I am Love.”

Notice that you don’t have to state the opposite of the old belief. You just transform it and release it using the energy of unconditional love as the transformative power.

Here’s what happens. Releasing the old belief creates an absence, or a vacuum, that wants to be filled. Nature abhors a vacuum, so you replace the old belief with the pure unconditional love that flows throughout the universe and fill this vacuum with positive energy.

The statement, “knowing that I am loved,” is an affirmation of your awareness that the universe is filled with the love of God and that you only have to tune into this love to feel its power and eternal support.

Everything and everyone exists in a universe filled with unconditional love. It’s the way the universe was designed.

Author’s note: This technique was first released in my book on the next stage of world spiritual awakening, Love, Light, Laughter: The New Spirituality.

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