The New Enlightenment Begins

by Owen Waters

The last period of Enlightenment, also known as the Age of Reason, emerged over 300 years ago. As it turns out, it was merely a practice session for the big one!

Today’s New Enlightenment is more than just another step forward in human development. It is a quantum leap forward into an uncharted territory filled with unlimited potential! The original Enlightenment developed the conscious mind. The New Enlightenment develops it further with access to the additional capabilities of the superconscious mind.

When you focus your mind upon the new frequency of consciousness, you open the door to the enormous information resources available to your superconscious mind. Unlike the physical brain, your mind can vary in size, from close-minded minisculity to superconscious expansiveness, which comes with access to any information, anywhere and at any time.

Unlike your physical brain, which began with a blank slate when you were born, your superconscious mind knows your deepest yearnings for the lifestyle that is most meaningful to you. Like a faithful protector, it works tirelessly to impress your conscious awareness with helpful guidance as your circumstances change. If only more people would listen to those subtle, yet vital hints, their lives could be filled with great inner joy as each one realizes and experiences their own unique purpose in life.

You may have already discovered how conscious creativity conquers many of life’s challenges. Now, try the superconscious version! New Enlightenment consciousness, previously the domain of leading thinkers, has now moved into the mainstream and is readily available to all seekers of a better life and a better world.

My new book, The New Enlightenment: Transformation into an Age of Abundance, reveals the distinct stages of human consciousness and how the dawning New Enlightenment opens the door to a beautiful life filled with purpose, abundance, and true inner joy.

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