The Summer of Light

by Owen Waters

The Summer of Love, 1967

While 1967 is remembered for the Summer of Love, the year 2023 may very well be remembered for The Summer of Light.

During the 2010s, most leading thinkers were quite content in the early stage of heart-centered consciousness.

They had found peace by abandoning pointless ambition in favor of meaning in life and vibrant relationships with others. They were exploring the heart-empowering value of cooperation and leaving behind competition and its effect of estrangement from other human beings.

Rather than becoming what others thought they should become in order to rank high in societal approval, they were homing in on personal purpose as a rising source of inspiration. It had long since become obvious that there was more to life than competing to see who would own the most toys when they die.

The emotional effect of witnessing human helpfulness was already arousing their curiosity by tugging at their heartstrings. Don’t you just love a helpful, honest person who wants the best for, not just you, but for everyone they meet?

The urge to care and connect was continually finding more opportunities to express itself. This stage of consciousness added heart to the world of commerce, expanding its vision into something far more rewarding than simply making a greater profit than last year.

And then, suddenly, the world stopped, and it stopped long enough for people to re-evaluate everything.

Remember 2020? A world-changing event. An invisible bug, said to be spreading wildly and seeking out victims for a rapid death. Result: Mass panic!

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Human Needs

Just as people were getting settled into the Maslow Hierarchy’s heart-awakening stage of Self-Actualization… wham!

They were suddenly plunged, like it or not, into Fear for Survival mode… Maslow’s bottom of the triangle revisited!

Now, look what happened next…

After the protracted drama of the pandemic, people eventually snapped back to more-or-less normal consciousness, but with a difference. After having been settled in Self-Actualization, then beaten down to the bottom stage of Survival, anyone with a clear mind rose into a newly-empowered position, propelling themselves beyond Self-Actualization and right into the Transcendence stage!

This boomerang effect from the deep crisis brought about the New Enlightenment faster than would have otherwise been expected.

By the summer of 2023, a decidedly positive mood had dawned, along with a newly-established Age of Enlightenment. While 1967 is remembered as the Summer of Love, 2023 may very well be remembered as the Summer of Light that started this global awakening.

The dawn of the transcendent New Enlightenment opens the door to a beautiful life filled with purpose, abundance, and true inner joy. It means that we now have the readiness to face any challenge in life with inspired resourcefulness.

Spiritual seekers find the new consciousness especially helpful as actively engaging in it can be ten times more effective in gaining enlightenment than passive meditation practices!

Now, discover what gifts and capabilities the universe will bring in the coming months and years as The New Enlightenment unfolds…

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