Ascension to a Higher Dimension

by Owen Waters

Dimension is a term often used to refer to other realms of existence, but it can cause confusion in that the word dimension also refers to measurable attributes of this reality such as time or space measurements; for example, length or width.

Other realms of existence could be more descriptively called densities, levels or density levels. In the light of emerging knowledge, I recommend that people avoid potential confusion by using the words density or density level instead of dimension to describe a vibrational level of existence.

The lowest density level of manifestation for Planet Earth currently is third density (3D), the regular physical form to which we are accustomed. There are lower density levels, but they only apply to the frequency of consciousness of basic items like rocks and subatomic particles. Their location level is still 3D, right here with you and me.

First density (1D) is the level of consciousness of the basic physical elements and objects that are called ‘inanimate’ by many people, such as rocks and crystals. Because all objects in the universe are composed of compressed divine consciousness, they all have a sense of awareness at some level. For example, physics experiments have shown that when subatomic particles collide and separate, they continue to remember each other and act out their connected relationship.

Second density (2D) is the level of consciousness of biological existence – of plants and wild animals, even though their physical forms are located in the 3D realm. As 3D is currently the lowest level where the earth maintains a physical body, there is no 2D version of Earth below us.

Third density (3D) is currently home to physical human beings. It is a realm of self-aware identity and intellectual development. While your physical body is currently located in third density, your mind is free to roam to other frequencies or density levels of awareness.

Fourth density (4D) is home to spirits in the afterlife and it can also support physical humans. There are numerous sub-realms of existence within fourth density, with the lower sub-realms being more dense than the higher sub-realms.

While spirit or “astral” beings are ethereal and ghost-like relative to us, they are solid to each other, so they are correctly referred to as quasi-physical rather than nonphysical beings. Those who inhabit the realms of the afterlife in spirit bodies experience relative freedom as their quasi-physical spirit bodies respond easily to their mental direction. Spirit beings find it easy to levitate and they can instantly relocate to a desired destination.

They can also create quasi-physical objects using the pressure of mental energy applied to the universal supply of etheric energy. They call these objects thought forms and a well-made thought form will exist for more than a year without any further attention before it dissolves back into the surroundings as etheric energy. With regular attention, it will stay in existence as long as it is important to someone.

Fifth density (5D) is home to soul consciousness and is a nonphysical realm of spiritual light and sound energies. Traditionally, 5D is referred to as the higher mental realms. Although souls are perceived as separate individuals in 5D, just as we are in the physical realm, they are also fully attuned to their connectedness with each other. Soul bodies are nonphysical fields of higher mental energy. Your soul can also be referred to as your higher self or as the superconscious aspect of your total field of awareness.

On the day all this changes…

Ascension or rapture to a higher world has long been anticipated. But, today, with global changes accelerating ever faster, we are obviously reaching the climax of change. When it happens, in the blink of an eye, the physical material of the planet and everything upon it will upgrade from 3D to a higher existence, well within the 4D frequency range.

This upgrade to a higher realm of existence became possible in the 1960s (remember how everything changed back then?) but the collective oversouls of humanity decided to avoid the shock of sudden change and let the changes spin out in a digestible form over several decades.

The day is rapidly approaching when the earth will rise in vibration because everything physical – our bodies, the ground beneath our feet, and everything around us will rise in frequency. Our destination will be the basic realm of heaven and, yet, we will be physical!

To be informed is to be prepared. Discover how mass ascension will happen (it’s not quite as simple as you might expect, and for a very good reason.)

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