The Ultimate Consciousness-Raising Affirmations

by Owen Waters

Affirmations are a great way to improve your life. Little by little, day by day, the cumulative effect of regular affirmations builds into great and impressive change for the better.

Similar to affirmations, many yoga practitioners use Sanskrit mantras as repetitive statements. The most simple and, therefore, powerful one is “Om” (pronounced as in the word “from” but with a long, resonant “m”). In English, it means “I am” and is a statement identifying the physical mind with the divine presence, which is often referred to as the “I AM” Presence. This acts as a powerful magnet for the Light of God, raising the frequency of consciousness to a more sacred level. That all-present divine awareness can also be appropriately termed in English, “Infinite Being.”

If you research the mantra “Om”, you will come across much confusion about its meaning and the same with another popular mantra, AUM. While “Om” means “I Am” (the divine mind within), the A-U-M is entirely different.

A-U-M in Brahmin script

It is an expression of the three separate, component sounds of the Law of Creation, where the sounds of Creation (yang thought or intention) and Preservation (yin feeling or divine love) come together to express as Manifestation (through action or complementary motion).

In a deep state of meditation, yoga masters hear the A-U-M as etheric sounds being constantly broadcast from the Sun. This provides the energy to power higher consciousness throughout the solar system.

Meditation techniques often use mantras or affirmations as objects of focus to keep the conscious mind from wandering away from a session devoted to gaining higher consciousness. If you prefer affirmations in the English language as they make more sense to your conscious mind, use this:

“I AM… Infinite Being” is the most powerful affirmation possible within the English language.

The phrase, “I am Infinite Being”, in itself is an affirmation of your oneness with the ultimate potential, the source of all life, the consciousness from which all life comes forth. You are one with that universal consciousness which is within everything in manifestation. By modifying it to, “I AM (pause) Infinite Being”, you are doubly stating the name of the divine, first as the “I AM” Presence and second as “Infinite Being”.

You can use this to consciously affirm your ultimate potential. If you find issues arising, such as a feeling of unworthiness in your alignment with the All That Is or Infinite Being, just let those thoughts go, then gently bring your mind back into focus upon the affirmation. You do not have to justify the words, or settle any internal argument about them, just because of some prior conditioning as to how someone said you “should” think in this life. Think independently, think infinitely, and you will connect with the consciousness of your ultimate potential.

Have the inner discipline to stay with the affirmation and let any issues fade away unchallenged. Your inner self knows the meaning of the words and resonates in joy with their exact and literal truth. Every time you make this affirmation, you become consciously more aware of your connection with Infinite Being. Any lesser thoughts are then healed within the light of greater truth. You can use “I AM… Infinite Being” for meditation or during a brief quiet time to restore balance from daily stress. When you do, be sure to maintain an awareness of its deep meaning, as mindless repetition of any affirmation will create little or no result.

The affirmation, “I AM… Infinite Being”, should always be repeated silently and sacredly from a heart-space filled with love for the divine.

Your Choice: Sanskrit or English

The affirmation, “I AM… Infinite Being”, is meaningful to the conscious mind. Use this phrase during meditation as the focus of your thought. As distracting thoughts appear, gently bring your focus back to “I AM… Infinite Being”, allowing your mind to contemplate all the potential this means. Eventually, the mind slows down and calms. Awareness takes over in the stillness. Reaching this point is the goal of your meditation.

The mantra, “Om”, is a word from Sanskrit, the original language on earth which was designed to create meaningful sound vibrations related to the words. So, mentally or verbally chanting the word “Om” invokes an energy supporting your connection to the “I Am” presence. Because a Sanskrit word means nothing to the language-processing side of the brain, it avoids the possibility of intellectual distraction. This is another powerful way to move out of the “busy mind” state and into Awareness. As a meditation chant for spiritual effect, it is repeated mentally with a pause in between each “Om”.

The Sanskrit mantra “Om” and the English affirmation “I AM… Infinite Being” are fundamental statements of your ultimate connection to the divine so, in that sense, they are equal. Choose which one you prefer by giving each one a fair trial in your own deep meditation sessions.

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