Can There Be Anything New in the Universe?

by Owen Waters

The consciousness behind all of Creation has been given many names, including Infinite Being, God, Brahman, Tao, Spirit, and the Absolute. The term Infinite Being is reflective of the all-inclusive, all-knowing, all-present nature of that Divine consciousness.

Some say that there can be nothing new within the all-inclusive beingness behind the Creation of the universe. All possibilities must already exist within Infinite Being, otherwise it would be incomplete and therefore not infinite and all-encompassing.

But, is that the end of the story? What about human creativity? For example, did the invention of the wheel simply express something that already existed? If so, where were the preexisting wheels hiding? Now, that is a mystery! Perhaps it was just the idea of the wheel that preexisted. But, even an idea would have needed to have started at some point as something new.

After billions of years of creating, carefully developing, and maintaining the universe, the Creator added human beings into the mix. After all that time of preparation, it seems that the universe was ready for humans with their empowering attributes of intelligence, memory, and free will.

As humans, we are created to search for novel solutions to any problems we encounter. We face challenges with curiosity and intelligence, leading to new discoveries and increases in our library of knowledge.

As humans, we volunteered to incarnate into a world that is so dense that we feel isolated from the higher aspects of our own consciousness. Our souls, based in a finer density of existence, do their best to offer higher guidance in the hope that we will make strides forward in the types of experiences we expect to gain in our lives.

If humans are intended to create novelty, i.e. new ideas, new solutions, and new objects, then it must be for good reason. Actually, it comes down to the same answer to the longest-standing metaphysical mystery on earth. In my book, Discover Your Purpose In Life, I told the story of how, in 2007, an archangelic being surprised me with a visit and, knowing that I would distribute such information, revealed the answer to that mystery.

The big question of all time was why, when Infinite Being is perfection in every way, did it want to move from just being into an active state of doing? To put it bluntly, why would it move into a state of imperfection so that it, through human consciousness, could find its way back to the perfection it already had? It was a total mystery, a conundrum of Creation.

Why would Infinite Being venture forth from pure beingness into action and embark upon a journey in search of perfection that it already has?

Nevertheless, here we are, sparks of the divine acting out the edict that we function as uniquely different beings so that Infinite Being can add our diversity into its unity. This means that the great Oneness is becoming, not the great Sameness with everyone all being identical to everyone else, but the great Variety, a gathering of infinite differences in joyful unity with our hearts vibrating as one.

So, can there be anything new in the universe? Yes, we create newness each and every day. It is our mission to use our God-given curiosity as we observe, learn, love, and create new solutions to every possible manifestation of the mysterious ways of life.

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