Toxic Secrets

by Owen Waters

Nothing in Creation is essentially good or bad, but we judge lower vibrations as bad because they oppose our natural desire to raise our consciousness.

For example, toxins in food vibrate at a lower frequency while health-supporting nutrition vibrates at a higher frequency. Because body, mind and spirit are interconnected, toxic food depresses the frequencies of your mind and spirit as well as your body.

Besides food, thoughts and feelings that are toxic will interfere with your ability to rise into the peaceful and enlightening realms of spiritual awareness. For example, being exposed to negative news material that incites division between people will take them further from the underlying reality that all life is essentially one.

It comes as no surprise that raising your frequency of consciousness has a healing effect on your body, but here is one surprising discovery that supports that simple truth in a powerful way. Viktor Schauberger (1885-1958) was a natural science pioneer who, aided by his keen sense of intuition, observed that mountain streams purify themselves of toxicity. He observed that the meandering flow of mountain streams includes vortex eddies, which are areas of circular motion.

We now know that the key to explaining why vortex motion purifies water lies in realizing that the circular rotation of a fluid vortex induces etheric energy down its axis.

Toxins exist within their own frequency range. When they are carried in water and then the frequency of the water is sufficiently raised, the toxins can no longer manifest in either physical or pre-physical etheric form.

The energy-raising effect of adding etheric energy actually transforms lower frequency toxins out of existence!

Waterfalls are another cause of purification in mountain streams and rivers because oxygen is a ready carrier of etheric energy and the aeration caused by the waterfall allows oxygen to add energy to the water.

No wonder a brisk walk in fresh, oxygenated air produces such health benefits!

Fresh fruits and vegetables are typically sprayed with insecticides and herbicides. These are poisons which, while they are insufficient to kill large bodies like humans, still contribute to one’s overall level of toxicity. It seems strange that such foods are called ‘regular’ while the non-poisoned, unsprayed alternatives are given a special name (‘organic’) which makes them sound like the irregular option.

One’s level of toxicity is further enhanced by unfiltered, fluoridated water and airborne smog. Processed foods are a major source of toxic chemicals. Just look at the ingredients on the label, especially the mysterious chemicals with long, unpronounceable names!

Now that we know that toxins lower the frequencies of our bodies – physical, mental, and spiritual – we can more easily guide ourselves into healthy choices in life.

*Owen Waters is the author of the e-book, Higher Consciousness.