Why UFOs are in the News

by Owen Waters

George Adamski UFO photo, California 1952

Secrets are being revealed, and there’s no turning back. We’ve lived through decades of being deprived of knowing what others knew about extraterrestrials and their spacecraft. Enough is enough.

UFO sightings have always existed. In the Bible they were described as fiery “wheels within wheels” that rose in the heavens. UFO activity exploded in the mid 1940s along with another kind of explosion – atomic ones that impacted the physical realm of planet Earth and even the subtle realms of the whole solar system. Suddenly, Earth attracted a lot of attention from concerned otherworldly sources.

In the summer of 1947, a private pilot flying over Oregon saw ten Unidentified Flying Objects a few miles away. He reported that they moved “like a saucer if you skip it across the water” so journalists immediately coined and popularized the term, “flying saucers.”

Just days later, a UFO crashed near Roswell, New Mexico. The local paper announced the news of a recovered “flying disc” but the story was immediately hushed up for national security reasons. Many years later, in 1997, retired US Army Colonel Philip Corso published the story of how he had been one of the personnel assigned to unraveling the technology found on the crashed UFO. With the Soviet Union as a nuclear-powered enemy and Cold War secrecy at an all-time high, he had to find a reasonable excuse for how the technology artifacts had come into his possession. So, he told corporate research departments like Bell Labs that his mysterious technology artifacts were smuggled in from “foreign enemies” and asked them what they could discover from these samples.

As a result of the efforts of Corso and others, transistors and integrated circuits were “discovered” by the process of examining “foreign” technology. The computers and smartphones that we use today grew out of these developments. Other breakthroughs included night vision, lasers, and the fiber optic cables that are the backbone of today’s Internet.

Corso was tasked with seeing what new technology could be used specifically for defense purposes, then allowing the rest to be used to create products for sale to the public as an incentive for the corporations doing the research. Because of the Cold War secrecy, the public never knew how much of the really cool UFO technology – like, how to build a flying saucer – was successfully replicated. The Cold War ended in 1991, but its secrecy lived on in the form of new weapons ready for any new challenge that might arise to threaten the survival of the U.S. and other cooperating nations.

The propaganda war against UFO contactees that began in 1947 continued unabated, programming the public to equate the term “UFO” with a sense of ridicule. Today, with the new awakening, secrets of all kinds are emerging into the public consciousness. Now, we know enough to speculate on some of the technology that might emerge. Forced to discuss the subject, and wanting to sidestep their own ridicule, officials have now given UFOs a new name – Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP).

In the USA, well-informed and now-protected whistleblowers are being encouraged by UFO Disclosure advocates like Dr Steven Greer to come forward with alien-sourced technology developments, especially in relation to clean energy generators – devices that produce electricity from environmental sources without burning fossil fuels.

Billy Meier UFO photo, Switzerland 1975

Another type of technology high on the public wish list is anti-gravity shielding. Isolation from gravity also explains how UFOs can make “impossible” turns and maneuvers. Their isolation from the universal, subtle magnetic Field shields them from gravity and also the source of inertia. With no inertia present in their shielded environment, pilots can make sudden turns at high speed and not be crushed by inertial forces.

The propulsion drive units of UFOs are probably based upon electric fields reacting against the universal magnetic Field. Even more interesting is the ability of UFOs to disappear from one location and immediately re-appear quite a distance away.

This means they are using the dimensional property of Location. As revealed in my book, Spiritual Metaphysics: Answers to the Great Mysteries of Life, Location is one of the nine physical dimensions. It is a dimensional attribute which determines where an object belongs in the universe. Every location in the universe has a unique etheric signature tone. The question is whether its signal can be detected physically as well as etherically. If so, then, sooner rather than later, we can open up a whole new avenue of research into teleportation.

Imagine, teleporting from Los Angeles to London in an instant rather than sitting for endless hours in a mind-numbing and body-numbing airline seat. Sounds good to me! Let’s encourage more of those insider disclosures. It’s time for transportation technology to take a long-overdue leap forward.

Imagine, having a motor home that floats up in the air, travels anywhere you want without the need for fossil fuel, and sets down quietly each night in an area of true natural beauty without the need to carve the place up with roads to make all that possible.

As I explained in my new book, The New Enlightenment, a critical mass of leading-edge thinkers now function in a stage of consciousness that includes an increasing level of intuitive insights. With this mass awakening comes an Age of Aquarius-style demand for freedom of information, and that means revealing secrets.

UFOs, extraterrestrials, the true history of humanity, you name it, it’s all coming out and the revelations are gaining steam. Find out more about the New Enlightenment and how this quantum leap in human consciousness is great for everyone and especially for spiritual seekers…


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