The Ascension Frequency

by Owen Waters

I wrote my latest book The New Enlightenment in late 2023 for two reasons. One is that I finally realized why spiritual service to others is such a powerful path to enlightenment – potentially ten times more powerful than passive meditation. I had been aware of the concept since the 1970s, but an understanding had finally dawned upon me as to the science of why and how this is the case.

Two, I recognized that the long-awaited quantum leap in human consciousness had begun its phase of rapid growth. The founder of the science behind the Spiral Dynamics stages of human consciousness, Professor Clare Graves, had predicted this transition, calling it, “a momentous leap.” He defined it as a leap that takes us over the gap from the First Tier of Subsistence Levels to the Second Tier’s Being levels.

After his passing, his students simplified the subject considerably for public consumption using color codes for each of the stages of growth in human consciousness. In my book, The New Enlightenment, I simplified the approach a little further by simply numbering the stages as 1-6 for the First Tier and 7-12 for the higher, Second Tier.

Stage 7, in terms of its chakra equivalent, is the upper stage of heart-centered consciousness. Stage 7 is active, not passive like Stage 6, as it applies unconditional love to the practicalities of life’s challenges. All the earlier stages of human development are included as learned lessons in the higher stages, so Stage 7’s active heart-centered consciousness also includes earlier lessons learned in Stages 1-6, developing courage, creativity, and community.

Stage 7 is also the level of active spiritual consciousness documented by David R. Hawkins in his detailed scale of human consciousness. He found that, while much of the world’s population struggles to maintain a level of consciousness sufficient for the long-term survival of the human race, active spiritual consciousness compensates for, and counterbalances, 750,000 people who are below the key survival level. Well, who would have know how powerful a regular, unassuming lightworker could be?

According to Hawkins’ work, if you simply pursue your spiritual development practices, then, just by being on the planet and doing what you love to do, you’re quite a miracle worker!

Stage 7 heart-powered consciousness can also be called the Ascension Frequency because it powers the upcoming global ascension from third density to fourth-density physicality. In retrospect, it has been obvious, since The Shift began in the 1960s, that humanity is being prepared for an upgrade on a cosmic scale. Everything we can do to help the world spiritually hastens the day that humanity will be ready for the big event of The Shift, ready for the day that “the earth shall rise in the heavens.”

In today’s early days of Stage 7 consciousness, we are just beginning to sense how it will manifest, so I was very glad to see a recent video by spiritual consciousness expert, Penny Kelly. She called the video, ‘The Dragon of Love,’ as she sees a great awakening of love just waiting to emerge from under a dense underbrush of fears, worries, and stubborn thinking.

Penny documented the nature of true, unconditional love in plain, understandable language and, like Spiral Dynamics, honors the previous phases of human development like courage, curiosity, and creativity.

She defines unconditional love as an honest response from the inner, core self.

She sees unconditional love as something that shines through when you drop all illusions, fears, and anger as those are obstacles to your ability to rise to the challenge of big changes in life.

The Love that is the one Source, she continues, is the source of all life, the core that is within all things. There are many ways that this love can emerge in helping you face today’s challenges, and here are some of her insightful definitions:

Love expressed as Support
Listening to others and encouraging them to pursue their visions or dreams. It is also the willingness to see a need and fill it, to see a hurt and heal it, to know a truth and hold it, and to nurture a vision and pursue it.

Love expressed as Allowance
Letting go of the past. Taking care of the self gently and allowing others the space to do the same. It also means having the strength to set new habits without having to reform others.

Love expressed as Patience
Nurturing those around you, again without forcing them to conform to your expectations.

Love expressed as Integrity
Having the determination to set things right by aligning them with ethics and morals that protect life in all its forms. We each have a moral compass called our inner being or sometimes just “the still, small voice within.”

Love expressed as Honesty
The willingness to be realistic, and to be honest about what we see, hear, think, and feel.

Love expressed as Grace
Having the grace to let yourself flow naturally through each day, to wish another well, and to wish yourself well.

Love expressed as Courage
Love is the courage to align yourself with inner truth and yet respect the choices and alignments of others. It can bring the excitement of the unknown when facing change and adopting a sense of being in charge rather than a sense of being a victim. If you are ever attacked, love is the willingness to stand in your integrity and, while being fully willing to defend yourself, refusing to over-engage more than is needed to make the attack stop.

Love expressed as Curiosity
The willingness to see possibilities and to go beyond limitation simply because of curiosity.

Love expressed as Creativity
Finding ways to improve things using the resources at hand in new or better ways.

Love expressed as Growth
Love brings the confidence to accept everything the world offers and use it to improve yourself. It is also the willingness to regularly be in the stillness with the wisdom of your inner Self to review your feelings about recent events in your life.

Finally, in The Dragon of Love, Penny reminds us that a return to love will set that dragon free, allowing us to become new humans and build a new world.

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